A Physical Being In The Fifth Dimension

“There are so many paths to enlightenment that have been taught throughout the eons of human existence, and there has always been the profound being of nature to guide us.
But with every path, with every teaching, there is a time when we are invited to step beyond our teachings, to step beyond the comfort of the systems that supported us and enter a whole new conversation. 
You have the ability to go direct to your own source, and share it, as you wish.” 


Ascending in dimensional frequency isn't about leaving the body - it's precisely the opposite!

Leaving the body is easy, and of course one's frequency arises immediately without the pull of the slow physical realm. But does leaving the body facilitate the collective ascension of consciousness? Where it really gets good is when we call forth and welcome the higher frequencies of our own divine consciousness to restructure and recreate the physical. In a 5th dimensional consciousness, the physical body has also evolved. 

All of humanity is operating in a higher consciousness now. It's unanimous. But not everyone is aware of it. 

Many are clinging to the familiar old paradigm of conflict and survival. And it's okay. The way beyond it is through it, using tools of awareness to see an old paradigm in action and refuse to participate. The fifth dimensional awareness is present and tangible! As you are willing to integrate these higher frequencies through the physical form, this arisement literally dissolves the power of a third dimensional consciousness.  

My own journey has one priority - integration of my higher levels through my lower. In other words, my only priority is the embodiment of love. 

All of the teachings, teachers, systems and even the conflicts are pointing in the same direction. Everything is pointing to an evolution of consciousness. The question is, who is listening and who is willing to go there? 

Listening is as simple as recognizing the familiarity of conflict as it presents. The third dimension has been all about conflict - light and dark, good and bad, right and wrong, us and them. Once it's recognized, everyone has the opportunity to participate in the polarization or not. Perpetuating conflict is still an option in the 5th dimension, although doing so really is unnecessary...and exhausting. A 5th dimensional being still enjoys the sensations of the physical, perhaps more than ever, yet requires no conflict to realize the opportunity. 

For eons humanity has been programmed to act in ways that create separation, that take one away from the enjoyment of an integrated awareness of love. 

For eons, those of us who spoke of love, of higher awareness, of the ease in communion with Universal awareness were persecuted, tortured and removed from our bodies with creative force. It's understandable when, as we approach this dimensional freedom for all, we come face-to-face with the very deeply-set dimensional fears of repeating that persecution in retaliation for simply speaking the truth. We are beyond that now. Speaking the truth of awareness from the purity of love, communicating in the tones and frequencies of higher dimensions, higher frequencies of love no longer requires a defense or justification. So many are awake and thirsty for these tones that that we can share without an air of offense or anything to prove. In a 5th dimensional physical expression, the integration and expression of the heart transcends the dance of offense/defense. It is absent of judgment. 

The history of persecution has justified many individuals' unwillingness to step into their heart. But those who are willing to simply walk away from the fabricated conflicts are the ones clearing the way for the masses to ascend with greater ease. 

Your awareness is your uniqueness. Your willingness to walk in your awareness is the facilitation that accelerates the ascension of humanity - nothing to prove, everything to gain. Thank you for walking your walk, from your heart, in the greatest frequencies of love. The further we all go, the further we all go, together in harmony, each in one's own sovereignty. 

It is your universal birthright, the ease, simplicity and love of Universal expression! It is a new paradigm. It is available now... Your expression, through every movement and tone is what generates and regenerates the cells of the physical body. Embody the purity of your own higher levels of consciousness and watch the physical world shift to support you. 

"When you have the absence of judgment, you have everything."
- William Linville




Kerri LakeComment