Mind, I Got Your Back

There is such a tendency programmed into the mental workings to continuously troll the landscape for something wrong. Or something not right. Or something familiar. Or something not familiar. Or something other than what's right there sitting in the room in front of you. Or the yard, the barn, the garden…

Ultimately it's another survival technique. Having nothing to fight, nothing to fix, nothing to control is a pretty vulnerable place for the mind, an entity who only knows itself in relationship to contrast. So even if it's trolling for where things are "good", where it has things all figured out, it has still created the opportunity for conflict with every suggestion that could be other than “good”. 

The mind is trying to help you survive. In a society where physical survival is well-in-hand with access to food, water and shelter, the concept of survival becomes a bit more creative. The perception of a life-and-death threat expands to include what people think and think about. The mind is trying to help You survive judgments. 

Befriending the mind without denying its concerns is as simple as noticing when it's the mental programs and judgments behind the wheel. Why punish a mind that's just trying to survive? Can you honor it for what it's trying to do without doing everything it suggests?

When the outside world presents you with time to rest, the mind may come in, “Oh...what will people think of you? What do you think of yourself? You could be doing this, you could be doing that, you SHOULD be something different than this…"

Well, okay, that makes sense - the mental level is uncomfortable without something to actively manage and control. Thanks for the suggestions, but no thank you, my friend! At such-and-such a time, we'll stand back up and take a look at the calendar or the to-do list and proceed from there.

When the mind goes a bit haywire, "You should have known better, you'd better go apologize, you need to work harder, do more…”, here’s what friendship sounds like:  

Hunh. What a fascinating perspective! If I were to try doing it your way, mental levels, I'd have less capacity for clarity and awareness, I'd withdraw into protection mode, and that doesn't serve myself or anyone. So, thanks but no thanks, I'm just going to address what's presenting right in front of me in the physical, walk through it sharing my heart every step of the way and watch my Universal Connections take care of the details on the back-side, always working for the harmonious expression of the whole, mental levels! Just watch!

It's not a matter of re-programming the mental levels. It’s a matter of re-guiding the mind with new information and new direction. 

It's a matter of the courage and awareness to see obsolete programs for what they are without automatically judging or buying into them. 

The moment you can have a conversation with your mental levels, they are no longer in control of your expression - that is when your uniqueness really CAN step in in such a way that You and your mental levels, together in a relationship of camaraderie, can notice and receive that you have more Universal support than the mind by itself would ever know how to ask for.

You know it because you feel it. 

From there the question comes down to each individual: how much longer would you like to work against old programs? 

The tools for a different way already exist to complement you and your mind, supporting a new kind of harmony within one’s self. Either way, you can’t fail - some will embrace fluidity, others will fight to the very end. There is no judgment, and all will come to harmony as harmony becomes the priority. You get to ride the wave, as you wish.