It's About Love

It’s been a long, scary road. 

We designed it to be freedom. That was the idea, anyway. Freedom to create, freedom to love, freedom to be more than ever before. Not everyone had the same idea though. And once we figured that out, it was sort of already out of hand. 

We tried, y’know? To bring things back around, to teach a different way. The inspiration was there, for some. Even the information that was needed to straighten out the situation. But there too, not everyone was on the same page. There were some who were, let’s say, marching to a different drummer, carrying on with a different agenda. By the time this was obvious, they had created and dominated a very powerful force called “normal.” This concept of normal became one of their greatest tools. 

So we tried, those of us who remembered what we were up to in the first place (and you know who you are), we kept looking for the open doors, the opportunities to shake things loose. In the vortex of normalcy though, the centrifuge wins every time, flinging everything not tied down far beyond the reach of center. 

It seemed for a while that the only way to reach them was to join them. From the inside so many planted seeds, did great works, said big things, made big waves, made little waves. The other agendas already knew that in the foreseeable future, the future written on the tablets, they would ride the rise and fall of the cycles. A good predator has patience. 

The road has been long, if you are counting time. Destruction over and over for the opportunity to know one’s self anew. The destruction became part of “normal” in a dance with its partner, the “expected.” Destroy, renew, destroy, renew, just as sure and the stars will cross the sky. 

A long scary road was the only road for a while, and it never led anywhere new. It was never by design, all of this destruction. 

There has been seen a lot of what we are not. And some of what we truly are, shared often in small bits, quietly, as if sharing loudly would disrupt “normal” invoking the only other option on the wheel - destruction. What we are not is still around, but the centrifuge isn’t working like it used to. A new road has presented through the debris field. A new road, no matter how covered and hidden is still a new road. And those who remember (and you know who you are) are clearing that road by whatever means they have. Hey team, thanks for that. 

The new road has a trajectory a bit less curved, less cyclical. There is a different kind of light there…can you see it? We see it. All of us do, actually. Some still shield their vision from a fear of the unknown, some from a fear of repeating the known. Either way, the road is there and we see it. 

It’s been a long, hard road. And the new road seems kind of hard, too. It’s not, actually, really. It’s just littered with debris. The hard part would be trying to stay on a road that wants to either lock you down or fling you off all the time. How about we’re done with that one now, eh? 

I’m sorry it’s been such a long hard road. You’d think it could have been different, eh? You’d think we would have found that new road sooner. It kind of makes me chuckle to think about it, to think about time and creation, two things that have nothing to do with each other beyond the fact that one exists only by the grace of the other. Neither requires your adherence anymore. In fact, to walk the new road, you have to let it all just be what it is. That’s what we’re seeing, those who are seeing through the “normal” debris. All that stuff accumulated through time is just debris lying on top of a well-laid, well-lit new road.

I’m sorry its been so hard. It’s not your fault. 

The ones with different agendas, they’ll try to keep things “normal”. I say, let ‘em try. The new road is there. They can “normal” themselves into tighter and tighter circles. They’ll figure it out, in this life or the next. 

Now there is a long, well-lit road. It’s not normal. It’s not “normal” at all to walk up a new road. “Normal” wants nothing to do with it. It’s certainly not normal. But it’s here. 

We’ll keep traveling, doing what we do. Creating. It’s what we do. It's what we are. It’s about love. It’s about time. 

With love,

Kerri LakeComment