Ride Giants

It takes every bit of awareness. Whether you're riding waves on an ocean or waves of consciousness through the clarity of expansion. Riding can be dizzy, nauseated, barely breathing awareness that takes you far beyond who you ever thought you were.

Even more elusive than a surfer's perfect wave is the exquisiteness of knowing why you’re riding in the first place. Riding waves provides an opportunity to float directly into the face of life or death in the physical world. Riding horses can be the same. And riding awareness, riding waves of truth is no different - the truth can be a matter of life and death for the perceptions of an egoic level of consciousness. What a ego finds threatening may or may not be an actual threat to the death of the physical, but it is to the identities built over time and experience. Identities feeling the threat of death when faced with a cresting wave of truth can be much louder than crashing waves. 

Riding big truths offers both terrifying and insatiable sensations. When a heart is uncovered enough to taste its own truth, there is no going back. Once a heart is awakened, it can not go back to sleep. It can not un-know its own existence. And this can be terrifying for the mind that built, and then identified with the walls around it. 

Big truths follow hand in hand with big questions like, “Why?”

"Why" is a huge question.

Next time you ask why, ask with a little extra space for something you haven’t already seen. A wave you’ve never ridden. Surfers are always looking for the one, the perfect wave that fulfills a knowing of sensation surpassing every story ever told. The truth offers these waves up like breath. 

Paddle hard to ride or let go and body surf. You’re guaranteed a ride of a lifetime just by showing up for it. 

Riding horses is another divine opportunity. With horses you can be faced with the death of the body and the death of the identity at the same time.

A horse may resist to the point of inviting its own abuse. The question then becomes, “who am I in this situation?” Am I one to engage in domination to save the identity’s opinion of its power?

You can’t dominate a wave in the ocean, but a horse will give everything away to domination, if that’s where you’re willing to go. An identity may think it can overcome whatever resistance the horse may offer up. The irony is that protecting the identity’s opinion through the behavior of domination may just lead to death of the body…which means death of the identity, too. You can’t take it with you. 

When you’re willing to ride waves of truth, you don’t need oceans or horses unless those realms make your heart sing. At that point, waves and horses become your good friends, your dance partners. They will meet you wherever you are and give you all that they have. They already know the truth. They will continue to invite more of all that You are to the dance. They will keep asking you to show up. The truth offers up the smoothest ride to more of you. 

So ride. Ride giant truths. Ask why. Reveal yourself to why you do what you do. What’s really important to you. What is your true priority. You’ll find no shortage of excitement, no absence of life. In fact, there is so much more than an identity can fathom. 

Kerri LakeComment