You Matter

Honor every One. Honor every thing, just exactly as it is. Exactly as it presents to you as you walk through every journey. 

Let it be what it is without getting in a fight. As unfamiliar as that might feel, when you honor it all for what it is, the people and things that are of love and integrity will arise to the surface. The people, things, ideas and concepts that are absent of love or lacking integrity will also make themselves very clear. The point here is that it’s not your job to figure out which is which. When you honor all things, all things come to clarity. 

Honoring seems to be kind of a new concept. The mind wants to know if honoring a person or thing means you believe in it. Or is honoring that you think it’s true, or you agree? The mind might think that honoring means respect or some sort of a new-age “buy-in”. The mind wants to know if honoring something or someone means giving up or sacrificing in some way.

Actually, honoring is more about the courage and openness to see the motivations behind all that presents and having no conflict with them. It’s the willingness to see the truth and not judge it. It’s the willingness to acknowledge when something or someone is complementary to my own life stream or otherwise, and it’s the integratedness to let myself be complemented. 

Honoring another person includes no sacrifice. How does it honor you if I am denying myself?

I’m walking through a market and a seller calls to me. He tells me he has the best apples in the market and his price is the best. I love apples - maybe he can see that. I turn and look at his apples. They are nice apples, and even so, my stomach gets tight. His voice has a soothing tone, but the sense of the situation leaves my body in tension. I am not interested in creating anything from that space of tension, so I address him, “Thank you for the offer!” …and I walk away. There are other sources of apples. 

Some people use anger as a means to not deny one’s self, and that’s okay. Anger is a great way to break energy with another. It may be exactly how you feel, but it’s still not a full honoring of one’s self. 

Some may confuse honoring with “love yourself.” You already are love. Honoring is about acknowledging that love and engaging the world from that integrated knowledge.

The essence of honoring comes from an inexhaustible source - your divine heart-center. Your creator essence. Honoring says, “Yep, that happened. Yep, that’s happening. And this is who I truly am. This is how I walk through a situation or relationship from my heart. This is how open I am to being loved, to being love.” 

Right about now the mind may start demanding the how-to’s, right? How do I do that? How do I honor someone who’s all up in my face? How do I honor someone who hurt me and then went away? How do I honor people who hurt others? How do I…? What if…? Yeah, but…? Those are all valid questions, and I honor them. 

The big question is, what really works for You? And will you stop holding on to what doesn’t work for you? Ask these questions and you have engaged in a beautiful beginning to honoring yourself without a righteousness for how the outside world should change to accommodate you. You are asking for clarity about your own flourishment and opening up to what that clarity will bring you. You are communicating to the whole universe entirely that you are willing and accessible to be loved. You are taking the first steps beyond a paradigm of judgment. You are reclaiming You. 

Reclaiming You is the greatest honor you have to share with the world. Nothing needs to change, yet we are creating the greatest changes by no longer denying the truth that You are. Being the truth that You are has no offense and no defense. You require nothing of the outside world except for it to be exactly as it is. You require nothing of yourself except to be exactly as you are. You listen, watch and sense for clarity in the direction that You are going rather than a old-world perpetual scan to avoid an imminent attack. You are dropping the weight and regenerating.

Many people who are newer to the planet already understand that historical conflicts once considered normal are actually extraneous. The argument that says “because that’s how we’ve always done it” isn’t getting it done anymore. There are so many here now who know where we are going, whether they would speak of it that way or not. They’re everywhere. Authenticity matters. Heart matters. Uniqueness matters. 

You matter.

Kerri LakeComment