You Are A Fountain Of Value

Most truly don’t realize how much information is accessible in every direction at every breath just by asking. 

Why do you suppose people are taught to learn in a linear order? Taught that they must be taught to learn before they’re worthy to learn? It’s commonly taught that you shouldn’t know what you haven’t been taught. What’s taught less is how to sense relationships in information rather than simple repetition of what seems or seemed important at the time. 

It’s valuable to see why information is valuable, perhaps even more than an ability to recite the value of it. There are endless ways to think about information, so why try to memorize them all? You can sense and see information and listen to it without understanding the full extent of its applications. When you have a familiarity with the value of an information, its applications will make themselves obvious. Would you like to memorize all of the combinations of applications and values? Or would you instead like to be accessible to the opportunities to apply value? The memorization now, more than ever, is accessible in the collective knowledge through the internet. It’s not your job to be the authority anymore. Your job is, should you choose to engage it, to listen and be willing to use your capacity to move or apply knowledge as the opportunities present. 

Sometimes that will mean sharing straight-up information. Other times it will mean sharing sources. Still other times, you will share knowledge by opening the way for others to see that knowledge exists. And like the wise old man who, rather than cooking his hungry neighbors a meal will instead teach them to fish, sometimes your part will be to guide others to know for themselves. 

You are a fountain of value. There is no measure to the value you have to share. Like, there is no scale that will measure the value, although you’re taught to seek or create one. The value of sharing your value happens outside of a paradigm that requires quantification of a value on paper. Or on computer screens. The paper and computer values are just tools of analysis and awareness, tools that help us enjoy the physical world in increasingly creative ways. But they are not value. You are value. Would you like to share? 

Will your family say you are value? Will they say you are the same value you say you are? How about the grocery clerks? Or your dentist…? Do you require their consensus to share your value? Do you require their approval, or even their recognition? 

The questions are an invitation for you to know who you are. Where you stand. What you stand for. Whose value is running you? The more you let these questions guide your awareness, you will continuously uncover more of the value that you are, and continuously see the endlessness of its generative source. Endless. Inexhaustible. It’s another way to talk about divinity…but let’s not get hung up on the language. 

Follow the generative source and watch as the evolution of value becomes obvious. It’s not that an evolution is “better”, it’s that a new definition already exists when you’re willing to ask. Why not get with the times, eh? 

I saw a great little image recently on Facebook, and it came with some words. It said, “This is a friendly universe. Don’t believe me…test it.” 

I triple-dog dare you!

Kerri LakeComment