Not For The Faint Of Heart

Acknowledge for a moment all that you have come to know. 

Let yourself be right about everything. 

No more seeking the answers, no more hunting for the truth.

Let yourself be right about it all. Just for a moment here, together. 

How does that feel? I’m not talking about feeling the conflict that can come with the suggestion that you might be selfish or vain. How does it feel to just let yourself be right, without any further evaluation? 

Let’s not evaluate whether we were justified in being right - just let yourself be right. 

How does your solar plexus feel now? A little strange? 

Now that you get to be right about everything you’ve studied, searched, found, used and waved in the air for all to see, or hidden, what’s next? Have you explored this place before? 

You are right. Yes. About everything. There is nothing to prove, nothing to maintain. Feel that for a moment. You’re right. 

What’s the anxiety about? …what if you’re not right and you didn’t get that right and you shouldn’t be thinking you’re right because maybe you’re not? 

Just let yourself be right while we play with this. Just to feel it. You’re right. 

Good. Now, where do you want to go next? 

How do you know? 

Remember, you’re right about everything. So, what tells you that you want to be going where you’re going? 

What does that feel like? 

Living, communicating, expressing, operating in a body on a planet in a new paradigm has no frame of reference based on an old paradigm of rights and wrongs. So, you just get to be right about everything. Or be wrong about everything if you prefer. When you start playing without all of the importance of something to prove, right or wrong, all roads take you to greater awareness. This is a gift you’ve given yourself, the gift of arisement beyond evaluation. You’re now playing with your ability to see things as they are. 

Things as they are all happen outside of you. It all happens outside of you. 

You will feel it. You may feel compelled to find answers. You may feel compelled to find correct answers, because maybe the right answer will ease the intensity of not knowing the answer. You will feel the intensity with great acuity as you are more willing to see the outside world as it is, without evaluation, with no agenda or opinion to defend. Your Presence ripples through the Universe and changes the interactions of every sub-atomic particle and the particles of consciousness in-between. Change happens because you happen. And you will feel it. 

Remember, you get to be right about everything. The sensations of intensity generated from the profound awareness that there is nothing to prove leave the mind wondering how to navigate such an environment. That is a magnificent query. How? 

What does it feel like? 

Who are you without anything to prove? 

Who are you when you get to be right, or wrong, about everything? 

Who are you without conflicts? 

Who are you without opinions? 

Do you exist without opinions? 

This is how. 

In this new paradigm, the way through is guided by questions. Not answers. Ask the questions and be accessible to the obviousness of clarity. Clarity goes way beyond right and wrong. It has a sensation. And you will feel it. There is definitely work to do, but work in this light reveals exponentially the who and the why through your uniqueness. 

The purpose is your uniqueness, and your uniqueness quickly becomes the priority, absent of something to prove. 

Do your opinions make you unique? 

Try having none and watch your true self unfold. 

It’s not for the faint of heart - no opinions means no shielding and no camouflage. No opinions means you become visible. Your uniqueness becomes visible. 

An old, archaic paradigm hunted and attacked uniqueness, disguising the slow death of conformity with colorful packaging. An old paradigm glamorized the repression of uniqueness by celebrating and rewarding the loyalty of the numb. 

Can you feel it? 

You step into a new paradigm. 

Humanity is thirsty for uniqueness, to remember what it feels like when hearts open and share without shielding. Uniqueness now shows the way to further expansion effortlessly in an ambiance absent of opinions. Harmony works through feel. Listens without agenda. Listen without agenda and the harmony of all uniqueness reveals itself in pristine clarity. 

You see opinions for what they are and simply do not evaluate their existence. You ask new questions to clarify your awareness. You are gifted with new clarity, new awareness, new ways to feel and know your own senses. You expand beyond judgment. You function and create without agenda, guided by loving, benevolent expansion. There is no end. 

Walking through the jungles of opinions and making yourself available to listen changes everything. Holding on demands the hard work of a conformity to something that requires opinions to maintain it. That familiarity can be a bastion of comfort to a mind trained to fear change. 

You expand beyond that. 

It’s not for the faint of heart.

Kerri LakeComment