Let The Cage Support You...Until You're Ready

We've passed a threshold. The energy of survival no longer has purchase. The paradigm of "survival of the fittest", which was a great motivator at one point, no longer controls the keys. We are all fit to live, and if we choose to survive, then that is all we will do.

The energy is in such support now of looking in-between the patterns we've used to get by, those that kept us in a familiar rhythm of sustenance. Can you feel it? If you can't feel it yet, if you are still feeling the pull of responsibility, then imagine...

Imagine that there is space in-between the thoughts. Imagine what it feels like to notice that someone has opened the door to the cage - you're still inside, but the door is open. You can see the bars that have held you in. Before, all you could see was the outside, never really bringing into focus the actual construct of the cage. 

With the door open, the cage comes into focus. Is it significant? Do we have to study how the bars were constructed? What they're made of or how strong they are? What it takes to get past them?

NO! The door is open! Fly! Fly through the door! You don't have to fly far at first...maybe fly out and sit on top of the cage for a moment. Get your bearings. Feel the world with the cage supporting you rather than restricting you. Let yourself expand now. Watch. There is nothing to do. The expansion has been waiting for this moment, and it is here. 

You expand out, out, into and through the world. You are received. Sit on top of the cage until you're ready. Until you know that you know what direction to fly. And just fly! You don't know what you'll find when you get there, and even if you did, by the time you arrive...it will be different! Feel the direction, and fly!



Kerri LakeComment