Why Does All Of This Matter?

When you are authentic in how you say what you say, you become an opportunity for others to receive and respond to you with genuine kindness. Trying to make someone communicate with clarity doesn’t work, but if you yourself  are coming from clarity, you then become an invitation to others to meet you there, and relationships can flow with ease. Encouraging humans to show kindness to themselves expands the greater capacity for kindness to all species and other forms of life as well.

As humanity evolves and technology continues to become an integral part of how we express ourselves, remembering what it feels like to be unique and to express yourself uniquely is the real value of any one person’s contribution. 

Stile is a unique and potent app to help you resolve conflicts and find clarity in your personal expression by guiding you to a sensory experience of your own state of being. Using images, tones and other non-verbal stimulation built on a foundation of sacred geometry and the natural world, Stile shows you a window into your current state of being and provides a vehicle to deliver you through conflict and into a greater version of yourself. Read more about Stile.

You have the innate nature, you have the capacity, now there are new tools. Will you show yourself kindness?

Kerri LakeComment