The Nature Of Light

Light is inseparable from expansion. Expansion is the nature of light. With expansion, there is always light, or lightness. 

The further you step into yourself, what you are actually doing is engaging with a lightness of being. Your nature is a state of being lighter than description or measure. This is why the only evidence for it is a sensory awareness. It’s what you feel. Science minds will continue to look for a scale of measurement and devise methods and instruments to apply the scales, but the measurements will continuously be off the charts. You see, light will never not expand! 

It’s all woo-woo. I know. A cute way of looking at life so the silver lining remains part of the fairy tale. …Except that it’s true! Have you ever looked at what it takes to stop light from filling a dark space? You can make the space smaller in an attempt to squelch the light, but the light is still filling that small dark space. Light will always, effortlessly fill a dark space. 

Being who you are takes no effort. Letting your Self be revealed takes no effort. The effort is in creating, defining and measuring dark spaces to watch them eventually fill with light. It’s been an obsession among humanity for thousands of years and lifetime after lifetime. But it doesn’t have to work that way anymore.

It can work that way, which is a blessing because it’s still very familiar. The darkness can still help a mind feel safe in a new paradigm of expansive awareness. As you continue to expand your consciousness, your lightness of being, you might find yourself putting some effort into creating familiar dark spaces - it makes sense. The moment you recognize that familiar construction though, is the same moment you are free to watch your light expand right through it and beyond it. 

Your measure of light defines your perception of limitlessness. Measure light and you create the perception of its limits. The moment you cease to measure, you reveal yourself as limitless.

Kerri LakeComment