Let It Happen

Humanity has been operating from a state of rage for a very long time. Rage itself is a pretty big topic with a broad range of expression. There's the age-old hand-me-down rage that says, "This guy told me that god says I should hate you, so I do." And there's the less obvious, more insidious and self-destructive rage that survives a feeling of helplessness with the justification that, "it must be my fault somehow." It's taken a lot of energy to not only maintain the rage but to carry on despite it. Most of humanity does not know how to function without it. 

The old paradigm of untruths, low integrities and other sneakinesses of historical leadership are being exposed for all to see. Watch the confusion of the masses bubble to the surface. Watch how things look messier before they look prettier. Would you call these changes "bad"? Would you call them "good"? 

You will always have the option to hang on to the old familiar paradigm, but there is a new paradigm already created, forming and functioning alongside for you to step into. In a new paradigm, more people realize their freedom and use their awareness to create harmony. In this ambiance, the rage dissolves and diffuses.

People who write, speak and share awareness of a new paradigm may appear confused at first in how they present their awareness. They may seem inconsistent. 

We are headed into uncharted territory. We may even need to make up some new words and concepts along the way. Even with the unfamiliarity, the heart has an innate capacity for gentleness in this new environment. 

As you emerge into a new paradigm, the mind may still search for some form of conflict, something to complain about, because that is what the mind knows. Conflict is familiar to the minds of individuals as well as the collective "mind" of humanity. 

In a new paradigm people find themselves hard-pressed to create judgment and conflict where none exists. Conflict proves to be unnecessary. And this IS new territory! 

Listen with your heart. Let your own sense, that gentleness of heart, come into your awareness no matter what is being presented. You know the truth when you feel it. The truth is a vibration, a frequency that invites harmony.

As you acknowledge that nobody's mind actually knows the truth, you can begin to feel the vibration of truth through your body, a sensation that all can feel but is eternally unique to You. 

Don't hold on. Let it happen! 

Kerri LakeComment