Tone And Frequency

The conversation about oneness has waned a little bit. People get the concept, but it’s pretty difficult, like impossible, to think yourself into it. Meditation for oneness works as long as nothing from the outside interrupts the meditation time. Nature will always be there, but then again, so will the cities.

What are we really talking about then? What is the “one”? And the answer isn’t Neo from "The Matrix" - no cheating.

There is a difference between an “I”, a “Me” and who you actually are. The “I” and the “me” aren’t really part of where the oneness is pointing. Oneness itself is just a suggestion that falls far short of the Creation you contribute to. There is definitely a Creation with a capital C through which we are all embraced, but that doesn’t mean you are me and I am you. If that were true, we would be able to graph everyone in a spreadsheet and reduce the equation to archetypes that suggest who you truly are, how you think, who you'll love... These sorts of systems have been created - they are useful tools with potent applications. But they still do not touch who you truly are.

In all of the Universe, throughout all of Divinity, there is only one tone that is You. There is only one that expresses at the tone and frequency of Your communication, Your emanation, Your Presence. There is light and there is light. You are the light that can never be taken away from you. Your tone and frequency are the generative source that inform the measurements plugged into the systems so they can produce an archetype.

Watch your own awareness. Watch what you notice when you simply walk around. Watch what is noticeable to you that others don’t see. Notice your own humor when you giggle with delight! This is evidence of your tones and frequency. This is your uniqueness.

I love how a life’s purpose and life’s expression has been branded and marketed in so many ways as if there is something to accomplish in order to express your uniqueness. This is a capitalistic system being applied to steer the direction of the tones and frequencies of those waking up to their own possibilities. It’s not wrong, it’s just a system built from an old paradigm that can only go so far in a new paradigm. Let’s not knock it, let’s see it for what it is.

Your uniqueness, the tone of your expression, the frequency of your Presence is felt in ripple after ripple as you are willing and courageous enough to express yourself uncensored. The more you do, the more adept you become with your awareness to know that your expression is of your own Unique tone. The more adept you become at feeling, sensing your own tone, the easier it is for the entire Universe to find you and hand you the gifts that facilitate your fullest expression…and the abundant resources and toys for you to enjoy yourself along the way. This is a new paradigm no longer dependent on competition to prove one’s virility. The frequency of you has no scale from which to prove anything. It simply continues to hum, sometimes stifled by systems and judgments, sometimes humming so richly the entire continent lights up.

You are not a part of another individual and they are not you. Each one is a unique tone and frequency, a facet of the whole of creation designed to come to harmony.

Your birthright is the harmoniousness of your unique tone and frequency with all others who have ever or will ever walk on the planet, and beyond. Not everyone has this awareness. Not everyone is going there as fast as you. It’s okay. They’ll catch up. You are going there. Go. Let your tone happen. Let your frequency contribute to the harmony of each room, each conversation, each creation. Let your uniqueness be seen, felt, recognized for the brilliance you share. Recognition amplifies frequency, and your tone finds its enhanced purity.

Purity often can not be ignored. It invites the benevolent support of a Universe no longer dominated by deception. The tides have turned. It’s safe now.

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