Use The Tools For Yourself

The way to get the most out of all that's here and be of the greatest assistance to others is to truly receive these gifts and awareness as a contribution to your own heart, expression and creation. Watch your own world open up, watch new outcomes present, new relationships. Receive all of the gifts this benevolent Universe has to share with you, and you can bet others will notice.

As you do, watch your clarity of awareness and expression arise and arise. Watch your ability to articulate your awareness relax into new heights. 

Facilitating a new paradigm is an embracement of all that you are. You are a divine radiance of light - your own integrated Presence becomes the beacon of love that guides others to their own expression. As they ask to know and see more, which they will, you will be able to share these tools and more because your sense and ability to share will feel obvious. 

Let your own integration, your own Presence be and become the priority. Your innate divine intelligence will incorporate all of your unique knowledge, your unique experience, your unique opportunities and heart-felt expression as the greatest assistance you can share. 

Let yourself be given to, let yourself be loved. Only more can come of it.