Feel Without Fear

Generation Of Harmony 

is a developing resource and consultancy awakening human awareness to the value of life.

We provide education and services to co-create the highest expression of your vision. 

Learn how to cultivate a sweet friendship between the mind, the body and the heart.

Living from the heart actually has a lot to do with re-educating the mind. New vocabulary, new ways of using vocabulary, and a different kind of prioritizing help the mind function in friendship rather than control. This is a big part of what I’d like to share with you, to help you master the most intimate relationship in your life.

Tools, Guidance And Facilitation For Individuals And Groups

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Welcome to a new paradigm.

Humanity is waking up to a new way of being. 

In all walks of life, individuals realize their heartfelt desire to connect with others, to create together, to leave behind a sense of competition that leaves no winner. 

This website and my journey are about harmony, awareness, communication, tools and consciousness that accelerate humanity's integration and the creation of human life in harmony with all of life. 

As you continue to explore the purity of your own heart, I honor you, your courage and divine embodiment of the love that you are. 

Through her voice, words and Presence, Kerri shares an advanced spiritual technology that harmonizes human consciousness in communion with all of life.

The work I share is to guide humanity to know, to sense and to feel the brilliance of their own Presence. I work in many fields because people in every walk of life are awakening to a new way of being. This is about bringing awareness to how we can generate harmony through our uniqueness, fluidity in professions, clarity of heart in communication, and grow a global community together. It is my honor to share my awareness, gifts and abilities to empower you to share your own. 

Your innate ability to connect with the animal kingdom is a doorway to feel and emanate your own heart-felt Presence of love. Everyone has this ability, and your Presence is a gift. 

You don't have to live with animals to open and connect. Animal consciousness touches us throughout life in so many diverse ways - through art, news stories, neighbors walking their dogs, family members, even the history of humanity is incomplete without the assistance and presence of the animal kingdom. 

Check out the Pure Presence Animal Communication Audio Series to learn more about your innate ability to connect and communicate. Learn how you can open your mind and heart, and how this openness can serve you in every aspect of your life.


Where You Are Headed

You are headed directly into your greatest unique expression through the physical world, not denying anything going on around you, but arising through it. You are transcending what seemed at one time to be insurmountable barriers and limitations.

You are recognizing and claiming your accessibility and ability to function from the always-regenerating source of creativity - your own unique Creator Essence. In all walks of life, in all that you do, as you reclaim and embody the ease of expression that is your birthright, watch the outside world shift to complement you. Watch your relationships open to the purity of love. 

You are much, much more than you have been taught. 


Kerri Lake is an instrument of the Divine, Creator Essence.

From her own life's journey, Kerri shares playful and pragmatic ways to accelerate the expansion of your awareness, clarity and integration. From every level of consciousness, she assists you to fully engage your creator essence, dissolve ancient debris and learned patterns, activate and embody your advanced levels of DNA and eternal connections, communicate with clarity and fully express the heart and essence of your Uniqueness in the absence of judgment.