E16: How To Live A More Fulfilling Life


The idea of fulfillment means that there is no longer a desire for more, and it totally contradicts what this society is built on!

Make your own Presence the priority — not “a" priority, but “the” priority, and you begin to FEEL fulfilled rather than seek fulfillment.

You can feel your own Presence, a word that describes your unique love moving through your body. Most people just haven’t made the connection yet that when you feel the “real you”, you are feeling the love that you are. Some just don’t have enough experience yet to feel confident knowing and sharing. Many people worry that life will overtake them and they won’t be able to “get it back.” 

If you’re going to worry, Worry Like A Bird (https://www.kerrilake.com/…/worry-like-…). Birds wake up each morning and sing for life. They share the essence of life moving through them, celebrating the connections, the resources and the experience they never doubt will show up for them. Doubt and fear were taught by a society built on the concept that “more is better.” Nature is not about getting more, nature is about being exactly what you are created to be and letting all of life include you in harmony.

Your body is the instrument to guide you to know this harmony. And maybe, this sense of harmony is the sense of fulfillment that people talk about! Let’s play with it and see how you respond when you let yourself experience your own state of being without worry, without judgment, without the need for more.

After all, if you are going to go to work, be in relationships, communicate, play, enjoy, provide for others or help in any way, the greatest gift you can offer is showing up fully with the love in your heart. 

Showing up with love is very misunderstood. Some confuse showing up with love for being a doormat or giving themselves away. This is not love. Love is showing up and knowing your own heart, knowing what works for you and being willing to share it, knowing that the source of the love that you feel is inexhaustible, and the more you share, the more you have to share.

Join me for the 9 Week Series (www.kerrilake.com/9-week-series) to receive tools, guidance and profound assistance that clears the way for you to know your own sense of confidence, to know your own heart, to walk through live sharing love through an open heart and to watch how life around you changes to support and honor you when you make your Presence a priority.


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