How to Not Absorb the Energy of Others


$35 for the class, including a recording

Sunday, February 4th

2 - 3:30pm PST (GMT -8)

This 90 minute class will help you re-align your awareness so you can live without absorbing the energies of others. It will offer you an experience to experience and know the version of yourself that can sense the energies without carrying them. 

Being empathic and energetically aware does not mean being at the whim of wayward energies. Until you have awareness of your Self with immunity though, it can sure feel that way! 

In this class I will

  • Walk you through rearranging your awareness, re-aligning your mind to participate happily, and providing you with the guidance so you can experience new levels of ease for yourself. 
  • Then, I will teach you the tools that you can use anywhere or anytime you begin to feel overwhelmed by the energies of others. 
  • We'll close the session with Q&A to make this information totally relevant in your world. I will also let you know the one reason why we are ever overwhelmed in the first place.

Once you have this information and experience, please just go out and enjoy yourself, play with it as it occurs to you - there is no job to do, nothing to accomplish. What you'll experience though is so innate, such a natural alignment of our innate systems, that you may find your mind tapping you on the shoulder all the time to create new experiences of ease! ...pretty awesome... 

If you have questions, please message me on Facebook or email me at


After payment, PayPal will redirect you back to a page on my site with the meeting access info. You will also receive an email confirming the access info. 


Please attend live! But if you can't be there, you will receive a link to the full recording of the session. This will generate a potent tool to help you know and creatively regenerate your integrated presence in any situation, no matter what energies you are dancing with. 

Experiencing Kerri Lake’s work is like nothing I’ve done before… the simplicity was profound.

- Lynn Scheurell, LV, Nevada

Very supportive. Your info and way of conveying has added yet another layer to my ongoing current expanding awareness. I'm experiencing a new level of understanding and appreciation of breaking energy as well as an increased level of self-awareness.

- L.H., Encinitas, CA

I have been on the spiritual path for awhile and have listened to many great speakers but what she had to offer was truly unique and life changing.

- A.B., San Diego, CA