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There is always a way to move toward what works.

My colleagues are reporting that I have greater presence and confidence after a handful of sessions. She’s a “facilitator of facilitators and consultant to teachers and creators.
— D.B., San Jose, CA

Kerri Lake

Kerri empowers you through your own awareness to shift old patterns at every level of consciousness - physical, mental, emotional and energetic. 

The result is the opening of the heart, fluid new outcomes in every aspect of life, relationships without conflict, and tools to master your ability to communicate without judgment.  

Kerri guides you to generate a harmonious friendship of the mind, the body and the heart. 

1-1 sessions and facilitation for groups to create together in harmony




1-1 Sessions available by phone
Sessions are one hour and include an mp3 recording
Longer sessions available at a pro-rated price
Focus on personal and/or professional concerns.

Group Facilitation & Events
Kerri will work with personal and professional groups.
Please use the button above to make your request.
Pricing will depend on the request and any travel requirements.

In-Person Appointments
Please use the button above to make your request.
Kerri is located in Encinitas, CA. 
Travel expenses may apply

The simplest form of facilitation is the willingness to listen and communicate in the absence of judgment.
— Kerri Lake

"Your info and way of conveying has added yet another layer to my ongoing current expanding awareness. I'm experiencing a new level of understanding and appreciation of self-awareness."

- L.H., Encinitas, CA

"I attended Kerri’s workshop on Generation of Harmony. It was such a rich and joyful experience. It has helped me on my journey of bringing Heart, Soul and Spirit to everything I do."

- K.O., Toronto, Canada

"My whole bodily experience has changed - the way I move, the way it feels."

- M.D., Germany

"I'm having more and more confidence in my feelings and perceptions, and also, a great love for my body is flowering after years and years of being so hard on it."

O.P., Switzerland

"The tools I have learnt on the course are invaluable in everyday life and make it much more playful."

— H.B., London, UK


For individuals:

  • Communication from the heart

  • Freedom from fear and limitations

  • Fluidity in intimate, loving relationships

  • Courage to know your own vulnerability

  • Tools for optimum health and well-being

  • Spiritual clarity

  • All Species Welcome


For Groups & Organizations:

  • Tools for teams to function in harmony

  • Communicate with integrity

  • Feel confident in collaborations

  • Generate movement in stagnant business

  • Listening that empowers others

  • Leadership in service to the vision