May 11th, 2019 in Escondido, California

Generation Of Harmony presents

“Spiritually Gifted” book signing, chapter reading and discussion

Hosted by Vivian Thwaits and Art, Soul & Horses

May 11, 2019, 6 - 8pm
Art, Soul & Horses, Escondido, CA

Please join us for this heart-warming, genuine and enlightening chapter reading and discussion of Kerri Lake’s newest book, Spiritually Gifted.

Copies will be available for purchase for $25 at the event.

For everyone who knew as a child that love is the way.

For every adult who is rediscovering their knowing.

For every individual who has refused conformity to cultural standards that disempower love.

For every parent who has done their very best to be a good parent.

For every heart that feels touched as humanity awakens to the innate heart connection of our species.

For the love that holds the world together.

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Spiritually Gifted, by Kerri Lake


Every person on the planet is waking up to a new way of being.

For thousands of years, this awakening has been known, supported and guided by ancient mystics, shamans and swamis. Higher states of consciousness were limited to the very few whose purpose on the planet was to know the light of divinity and share that light through both their own beingness and the methods that guide others.

The year 1987 saw an energetic event birth the possibility of a new paradigm of consciousness. This event is known as the Harmonic Convergence. Signifying both the death of the old and the birth of the new, these auspicious moments held the love and attention of thousands of people around the world. You can call it the “New Age”, the “Age Of Aquarius” or simply a new paradigm. Every label is talking about the heart of humanity stepping out of perpetual conflict and competition into something that has never happened before - the whole of humanity connected through the heart, living in harmony with life. (cont’d…)

“The only way to live in this connection is for individuals to know their own heart first. As each is connected to the whole, each one affects the whole. We are at the very beginning stages of generating harmony through this connection. There are a lot of old, crusty belief systems, competitions, greed and domination yet to play out as more individuals claim their heart connection and begin to live in this priority. But it has begun and there is no going back.

Some people’s awakening will feel easier than others. Some will struggle mightily. Some will refuse to make the shift. Each one will have the same opportunities to shine as they claim and live with their heart wide open. Suffering is optional.

My journey is an example of a person with a gifted awareness of this new paradigm who is caught in the stubbornness of trying to make new things happen in old ways. Sharing the bumps and bruises with you will hopefully shine a light in collectively dark places so you don’t have to bounce off the same walls I did.

Copies of Spiritually Gifted will be available for purchase and signing for $25 at the event.

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“There will be more and more people born who are already aware of the lightness of being, of our option to share this planet without the predatory competition we’ve come to see as a normal part of human nature. To be very clear, predatory domination is taught. The true nature of humanity rises continuously in love. Those who know this innately will still need guidance to navigate the physical world without getting caught up in the ego, in the arrogance that suggests humanity’s role is to control divine nature. The parents of these gifted ones will provide the best guidance by knowing their own heart first and leading by example.

Ultimately, everyone’s journey is exactly as it must be to illuminate what works for the heart and what doesn’t. As stubborn as I have been, I was handed situation after situation from a benevolent source, offering me perpetual opportunities to stop repeating what doesn’t work. With great compassion, I finally had the courage to see myself without judgment and begin to walk in a new way. It is my honor to share the journey with you.”

Excerpt from Chapter 3, “What A Three Year Old Knows”

My friend the willow tree lives near the end of our driveway, on the other side of the driveway from our house. The willow tree sings out to Matt and me to come and play.

"Are you going to come play now?" the willow tree smiles its question to me without words. It's that feeling, like you just HAVE to go climb! Obviously, it's the tree inviting us to come and play, but I'm not supposed to talk that way. I'm supposed to say, "I feel like climbing the tree," not "the tree wants us to come and play." It's really weird that we can't talk about the willow tree like its alive, even though it's living right here with us.

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Today Matt, my brother, isn't around. Standing in the driveway on the fat, white gravel, I hear voices in the house yelling. I'm nearly 4 years old. The yelling feels like thunder, but it's not as nice as thunder. Thunder rolls. The yelling pokes.

My friend the willow tree is right here with me, feeling everything I hear, hearing everything I feel. We both stand still, watching what's happening. More loud voices, more harsh feelings, and then my mom bursts out of house, swinging the screen door wide open. She's really mad, but I can tell that mostly she's sad. There are other feelings that I don't know the words for. My mom is down the front steps now, standing on the fat gravel. She's way up in front of the garage, far from where the willow tree and I are standing. The screen door doesn't even get to close all the way before my dad bursts out right after her. His voice feels scary. It's mean and heavy. He is mad and sad, too. I can feel him thinking he's supposed to act this way, and it doesn't make any sense at all. I can't figure why he would be so mean when he wants her to love him. All of this is unnecessary. Just ask the willow tree…

Please join us for this heart-warming, genuine and enlightening discussion about the book, life, and whatever else might present.

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Kerri is one of those extremely rare teachers who encourages you to find your own answers. Using humour and examples from her own journey, she simplifies the search for wisdom and guidance by leading us gently back to the one person who knows us best: ourselves.

Her non-judgemental outlook gives you the freedom to explore just what it means to be you. We would encourage anyone to seek out Kerri's work if you are seeking a way forward into awareness based in clarity and integrity.”

Mark and Chris, Healesville, VIC

I feel fortunate to have attended the class with Kerri. She is a fantastic teacher and I learned a great deal that I can apply to all aspects of my life. I have been on the spiritual path for awhile and have listened to many great speakers but what she had to offer was truly unique and life changing. I really enjoyed her book as well. At the end of the last class all of those present sincerely shared with Kerri about how amazing and impactful the class was for them.

– A.B., Encinitas, CA

“If you are trying to find answers to problems or situations, she will guide you through any blockages, allowing you to discover what is right for YOU not those around you, but you.  In short, Kerri, gives you the opportunity to reconnect to your truth, to your heart; to feel and to believe. Kerri is truly special. I hope you have fun and enjoy working with her.”

-N.C., Bruton, UK

Kerri’s presence made me feel very much alive, and I knew she completely understood me without having even heard anything about my story. This made for a very safe environment. And playing with the tools Kerri presented to us, gave me the opportunity to look at some issues in my life from a different angle, giving me valuable insights and ways to take action towards the true me.”

– K.O., Encinitas, CA