September 10 - 13 2019 in Wales, UK

Generation Of Harmony presents

Listen Like A Horse with Kerri Lake

Intuitive Self-Awareness

Hosted by Medina and Richard Brock of Brandy House Farm

September 10 - 13, 2019

Brandy House Farm, Knighton, Powys, UK


Kerri Lake offers guidance and teaching from personal experience and pure consciousness. She teaches real tools to be kind with your mind and navigate life with an open heart. You will leave this class with a new, integrated awareness and pragmatic experience that can serve you in relationship with your horses and with yourself.


About £420 to attend - payment will be $525 in US dollars

Event price includes instruction, tea, coffee, snacks and lunches for the three full-days. Accommodation for participants and horses should be arranged directly with Brandy House Farm. Participants are responsible for their own breakfasts and dinners. The group may gather one evening and enjoy dinner together at a village pub.

**Schedule a 1-1 session with Kerri before or after the event**

**No horse experience is necessary. All skill levels are welcome!**

Questions? Email or Kerri Lake.

Each time you engage with Kerri and receive more tools, you build on your own foundation of living from the heart.

If you have already attended another of Kerri’s events, you will find this event to be affirming and expansive. You will hear some of what you’ve already learned, but you will be able to use the information in new ways. Your creativity and confidence will only grow.

You are invited to experience new levels of personal sensory awareness and clarity in this 3-1/2 day event. Mastery of communication and Presence no longer requires years of practice, meditation or effort. You can “go direct.” We are truly in a new paradigm.

In this event, I share three very simple tools that invoke your innate ability to know, to communicate, to be without doubt or judgment through all walks of life.

The Tools help you navigate emotions, your own emotions and those of others, so you can feel clarity in your relationships. You come to know a sense of mastery, not because you know all the answers, but because you know how to use the information you have.

To serve the participants, the timing of exercises and discussions may change to provide the best experience.

Whether you are an equestrian professional or an animal lover with no horse experience, there is so much to see and learn in these direct interactions. 

The future of working with horses, and one another, is in our own self-awareness. Horses are horses. Programs of training and interaction are not evolving because horses are evolving, programs are evolving because our awareness is changing. Humanity is starting to see new facets of how to work with horses because we are beginning to see new facets of ourselves. 

Let self-awareness be the foundation on which you stand, the ground from which you apply your tools, and the horses will always meet you at the highest level of awareness you are willing to engage. The only barriers to flourishing relationships from this standpoint are the expectations and judgments you carry with you. To be without judgment is to be closer to how horses live in every moment. It is possible for humans to know and sense the absence of judgment in themselves, although it's admittedly unfamiliar. Let's play with it, and start to get some experience. A little experience can go a very long way.

The tools I share are a distillation of knowledge, awareness, and application through my total surrender to my life’s journey. I’ve had the support of horses and many people on this journey to embody my divine heart. Assisting facilitators and participants alike to greater sensory awareness benefits the whole of life in ripples beyond imagination. Each participant’s self-awareness and self-empowerment makes them infinitely more available to integrate, embody and express their divine, natural state of being.

Kerri and Capitan.jpg

With nothing to prove and nothing to earn, all are free to share their gifts for the benefit of the whole. Horses demonstrate this way of being, and humanity is finding perpetually more astute and creative ways to notice and adapt our awareness in kind. Horses have never had the opportunity to forget who they are. This is one of the greatest differences between animal consciousness and human consciousness.

Kerri is one of those extremely rare teachers who encourages you to find your own answers. Using humour and examples from her own journey, she simplifies the search for wisdom and guidance by leading us gently back to the one person who knows us best: ourselves.

Her non-judgemental outlook gives you the freedom to explore just what it means to be you. We would encourage anyone to seek out Kerri's work if you are seeking a way forward into awareness based in clarity and integrity.”

Mark and Chris, Healesville, VIC

I feel fortunate to have attended the class with Kerri. She is a fantastic teacher and I learned a great deal that I can apply to all aspects of my life. I have been on the spiritual path for awhile and have listened to many great speakers but what she had to offer was truly unique and life changing. I really enjoyed her book as well. At the end of the last class all of those present sincerely shared with Kerri about how amazing and impactful the class was for them.

– A.B., Encinitas, CA

“If you are trying to find answers to problems or situations, she will guide you through any blockages, allowing you to discover what is right for YOU not those around you, but you.  In short, Kerri, gives you the opportunity to reconnect to your truth, to your heart; to feel and to believe. Kerri is truly special. I hope you have fun and enjoy working with her.”

-N.C., Bruton, UK

Kerri’s presence made me feel very much alive, and I knew she completely understood me without having even heard anything about my story. This made for a very safe environment. And playing with the tools Kerri presented to us, gave me the opportunity to look at some issues in my life from a different angle, giving me valuable insights and ways to take action towards the true me.”

– K.O., Encinitas, CA