February 28 - Training Without Dominance

11189 Sorrento Valley Rd, Ste 105, San Diego, CA 92121

11189 Sorrento Valley Rd, Ste 105, San Diego, CA 92121

Conventional training suggests that humans must be the alpha, or the dominant force in our relationships with animals. But dominating our family members doesn’t always work for our hearts. When we go against our own heart, it can actually cause more turmoil in our training. Training becomes gentler for everyone when we look at it as a mutual relationship rather than a battle of “do what I say because I said so!” Good technique can be applied with clarity rather than domination.


Positive reinforcement training is a step in the direction away from domination. Even positive training techniques are more effective when we as humans are clear with ourselves before we ever ask the dog (or cat or chicken or horse…) to give us a particular behavior.

This class will offer you perspectives and tools to know the difference between dominance and clarity. When we are able to be clear in our own heart and communication, our technique becomes more effective and our animals have a much easier time giving us what we ask for.

There are specific perspectives, tools and ways to communicate with your animal family to generate harmony together. Join us for an experiential class! You will feel a new way to connect with your animals as Kerri Lake shares these tools. Bring a picture of your animals if you wish - the classes are meant to provide you with pragmatic tools that work for you.

Relationships with all species open and harmonize when you begin to embody a greater awareness of your heart.

This is a small group session, limited to 15 participants per session. $50 per person. Register here for the January events as well.

This event is for humans only - please don’t bring your critters. You are welcome to bring pictures of your animal family, if you would like to. The real value of the experience comes when we can make the tools and concepts very real for you in your life.

All Species Welcome!

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Learning better communication with your animal family can reduce stress and anxiety for everyone. Healing of both physical and emotional issues for animals can often accelerate when we know how to listen consistently with how they naturally communicate. The process of learning communication invites you to know more about how you already listen and expand on what you already know. Your wellness grows as you connect more deeply with your animal family. Everybody wins!

Kerri will offer you tools, wisdom, exercises and guidance to help you become more familiar with your ability to communicate. Much of the session will be Q&A. The greatest benefit comes when the tools and techniques are truly pragmatic to your needs. In other words, your questions will contribute to creating mutual benefit for the whole group!

Please do not bring your animal family to these sessions - humans only! You are welcome however, to bring a photo of someone if you have specific questions.

While there will be a gentle structure to these events, each event is unique and will tailor itself to the participants. You are welcome to attend as many sessions as you wish - each experience with Kerri will build upon the last one.