October 12-15th, 2017 in Wilton, California

Generation Of Harmony presents

Listen Like A Horse

with Kerri Lake

Hosted by Sky Ridge Ranch and Barbara Thompson

US$750 to attend

The "Backyard Pond" at Sky Ridge Ranch

The "Backyard Pond" at Sky Ridge Ranch

You are invited to experience new levels of personal sensory awareness and clarity in this 3-1/2 day event. Mastery of communication and Presence no longer requires years of practice, meditation or effort. You can “go direct.” We are truly in a new paradigm.

In this event, I share three very simple tools that invoke one’s innate access to know, to communicate, to be without doubt or judgment through all walks of life.

Each event is unique. I speak to the group in front of me starting right where we are. I address what their minds throw into the mix and together we are guided through to clarity.

Many breaks are built into our time together to walk around, be out with horses, the trees and water, and to consider the option to play with the tools consistently as we interact organically throughout the rest of the day and event. The purpose is to provide empowerment, clarity and guidance for participants to expand awareness of their innate sensory and intuitive abilities. Even those who are already masterful will find expansion in this view of relationship between the mind, the body and YOU.

Kerri’s presence made me feel very much alive, and I felt she completely understood me without having even heard anything about my story. This made for a very safe environment. And playing with the tools Kerri presented to us, gave me the opportunity to look at some issues in my life from a different angle, giving me valuable insights and ways to take action towards the true me.”

– K.O., Encinitas, CA

Facilitating with these tools brings people an immediate, tangible sensation of their wholeness in a way that expands every time the tools are engaged. Giving people tools they can adapt for themselves, in real-time, every day makes them far more accessible to the sense of wholeness, which nourishes the consideration that equality and collaboration with all species is what actually supports life.

Click this image to see photos of this unique and elegant venue in Northern California.

Click this image to see photos of this unique and elegant venue in Northern California.

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