Listen Like A Horse

A Generation Of Harmony event with Kerri Lake

September 14-17, 2017


Hosted by Stephanie Sawtelle,

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You are invited to experience new levels of personal sensory awareness and clarity in this 2-1/2 day event. Mastery of communication and Presence no longer requires years of practice, meditation or effort. You can “go direct.” We are truly in a new paradigm.

In this event, I share three very simple tools that invoke one’s innate access to know, to communicate, to be without doubt or judgment through all walks of life.


“If you are trying to find answers to problems or situations, she will guide you through any blockages, allowing you to discover what is right for YOU not those around you, but you.  In short, Kerri, gives you the opportunity to reconnect to your truth, to your heart; to feel and to believe. Kerri is truly special. I hope you have fun and enjoy working with her.”

-N.C., Bruton, UK

What I have to share with you is born of my personal connection with the animal kingdom and developed in my life-long study of communication with humanity. As a young child I noticed that being myself with animals felt very different in my body than being with people. I started asking questions and exploring consciousness to understand what was so different. The awareness grew over many years, and with help, I finally learned to understand that what I felt in my body was actually communication. Most people avoid what they feel in their body - when you have the tools to listen though, the information is rich and valuable.

As facilitators in a new paradigm of consciousness, we all have the opportunity to enhance our own abilities and creativity by using and sharing these simple tools. Participants are guided through the awareness and sensations of these tools with time for Q&A to make the information pragmatic and relevant.

“Kerri acknowledges the teacher in each of us while wholeheartedly knowing her value and the gifts she
brings to the world.”

-K.L., Kapa’a, HI

Holistic Horses

Each event is unique. I speak to the group in front of me starting right where we are. I address what their minds throw into the mix and together we are guided through to clarity.

Many breaks are built into our time together to walk around, be out with horses, the trees and water, and to consider the option to play with the tools consistently as we interact organically throughout the rest of the day and event. The purpose is to provide empowerment, clarity and guidance for participants to expand awareness of their innate sensory and intuitive abilities. Even those who are already masterful will find expansion in this view of relationship between the mind, the body and YOU.

Facilitator Bio:

Utilizing her own innate gifts and abilities, Kerri shares wisdom, guidance and communication from a place of communion with all of life. She guides you to your own awareness of communion, starting right where you are.

Her two published books offer a view into the formation of Tools, awareness, and the courage it has taken to walk through life without compromise. Kerri has blazed a new trail on the road to freedom from limitations and conditioning. On this trail, all species are welcome. The greatest gift she can give to you is her own purity of expression, sharing her own journey, to help you see that if she can do it…so can you.

Our Venue: 

To be announced...stay tuned! 

Morning with the herd at Athena

Morning with the herd at Athena


Kerri’s presence made me feel very much alive, and I knew she completely understood me without having even heard anything about my story. This made for a very safe environment. And playing with the tools Kerri presented to us, gave me the opportunity to look at some issues in my life from a different angle, giving me valuable insights and ways to take action towards the true me.”

– K.O., Encinitas, CA

“I feel fortunate to have attended the class with Kerri. She is a fantastic teacher and I learned a great deal that I can apply to all aspects of my life. I have been on the spiritual path for awhile and have listened to many great speakers but what she had to offer was truly unique and life changing. I really enjoyed her book as well. At the end of the last class all of those present sincerely shared with Kerri about how amazing and impactful the class was for them.”

– A.B., Encinitas, CA

“The first thing I noticed was that the relationship with the mind and the body changed. My whole bodily experience has changed – the way I move, the way it feels.”

– M.O., Germany

“I’ve been working with Kerri Lake who has been teaching me how to integrate heart-mind-body-universe in a highly relevant and effective fashion. My colleagues are reporting that I have greater presence and confidence after a handful of sessions.  She’s a “facilitator of facilitators and consultant to teachers and creators.”

– D.B., San Jose, CA

“Kerri is a soft, gentle, kind leader. You would give yourself a great gift to work with her for personal and animal concerns and communication. I hope you will be lucky enough to choose to be mentored by Kerri.”

-J.T., Berkeley, CA

“Just a quick note to thank you for braving the cold winds and sharing your message with everyone. You are a true kindred spirit for all living creatures with an incredible welcoming aura of friendship!”

– C.F., Marin County, CA

“It is immediately evident when you meet Kerri that her sensitivity and enthusiasm carry over necessarily into the way she communicates and relates to people. She approaches both with honesty and integrity. I feel extremely fortunate to have met her, gather knowledge from her, and call her a friend.”

– D.C., Davis, CA