Generation Of Harmony Continuation Series

This series is appropriate for people who have a confident foundation with the Tools For An Awakening World.

If you're here, you've been part of a 9 Week Series, participated in an in-person event or have worked with me 1-1. 

As in the 9 Week Series, I will provide a topic for each session, something relevant to where we are headed individually and as a species.  Your comments and questions help shape the discussion. Ultimately, please use this time together to receive assistance and guidance as it is relevant in your world! It's a total gift that we have this opportunity to share and hear one another on the journey. 

You will still have the "secret" FB page to connect with one another in-between sessions. 

This Continuation Series (CS) is scheduled every other week for 3 months. 

$365; CS1

Tuesdays from 9 - 11am PDT

Begins July 4, 2017,

Ends September 19th, 2017


$365; CS2

Begins October 3rd, Tuesdays, 12 - 2pm, PDT (time may change)

Ends December 26th, 2017


$625; Enroll in both CS1 and CS2 together  

All sessions will be recorded, so no worries if you can't make it to one or two. But your Presence makes a difference, and this is designed to provide you with ever-expanding guidance and experience to open your world and live as the unique expression of love that you are.


Full list of dates for CS1:

July 4, 18

August 1, 15, 29

September 12, 26


Full list of dates for CS2:

October 3, 17, 31

November 14, 28

December 12, 26