July 26th, 2017 at 5pm PDT

The Ease And Universal Embrace Of Surrender

I'll have a short video for you soon! 

I'll have a short video for you soon! 

When I share stories of my various opportunities in life when surrender was my last option, many people say, "Oh sure Kerri, it's easy for you because you don't have kids, you don't have this, you don't have that..." But they are seeing surrender through an old lens of loss and defeat.

Surrender is about your relationship with yourself, not with others or with what's going on around you. 

The word surrender itself causes some to actually withdraw. In the more familiar paradigm of conflict and war, surrender means you've lost the battle and now you have to let someone else dominate you. Once I put out a question, "Can war actually bring peace?"

And a man responded to me emphatically, "YES! Look at the US and Japan! Japan surrendered and there has been peace ever since..." Abject submission is not the same as peace or harmony.

Surrender in a new, less familiar paradigm has nothing to do with being dominated, nothing to do with submission or failure. It is the welcoming of an embrace that will never let you down. It is stepping into a much greater force of good than the mind or ego can conceive. 

Come to know how this surrender feels, how to welcome this strength of vulnerability. Come to know the communication from your Higher Levels that becomes accessible to you. Come to feel the embrace and know your ability to feel it at any time. 


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