Sept 8th 2018, 6-8 pm

Sept 8th 2018, 6-8 pm

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Being With Horses...

is a unique service. The presence of horses can be magical. We don't need to make them "do" anything to receive benefits from our time with them.

There is a maximum of eight (8) participants in each session. This session will be held at Art, Soul & Horses in Escondido, CA. 

Each Being With Horses session offers a structure that helps you relax further into yourself. This is not therapy, it's not training or performance. You will be offered techniques to receive the greatest benefit, but this truly is simply time to be.

Your experience may include (but may also go beyond):

  • Feeling and rejuvenating
  • Connecting with the horses
  • Meditating and self-healing
  • Deepening your self-love
  • Learning about senses
  • Learning about communicating


Session Structure: 

  • 6:00pm - Orientation, Guidelines and Announcements
  • 6:10am - Short lecture and "tools" to enhance your experience
  • 6:25am - Go be with horses!
  • 7:30am - Regather for discussion and Q&A
  • 7:50am - Closing and Announcements

After you register, you'll receive links to essential resources.

  1. The release form required for your participation - you may print and sign it at home, provided you bring it with you when you arrive for your session.
  2. Essential Information for your time with horses is included. These sessions are available to everyone, no matter what level of horse experience you might have. Professionals are just as welcome as total beginners. This document will give you a quick overview of what you'll need to be aware of when spending time around these magnificent animals. 

If you have special considerations, like wheelchairs, walkers or other aids, please contact us before you register. Not every location can accommodate these aids safely. We want to be sure to invite you to a session that is most appropriate for you. 


***You are NOT allowed to bring your dog with you, or your cat or bird. We love all critters, but we cannot accommodate your own animals joining these sessions. Thank you sincerely for your understanding.***