Feel Without Fear

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Being With Horses®


No training, no performance, no therapy ... just being

Time to just be…

...and feel yourself connected with life. 

The presence of horses can be magical.

You don’t need to ride, to train, to make them “do” anything…you can simply be. 

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A 2-hour facilitated experience guides you to feel the rest and relaxation of just being you in the presence of horses. Your body already knows how to go there, just like the horses do. 

No horse experience is necessary. 

Equestrian/animal professionals are welcome.

All skill levels are welcome.

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Kerri with her good friend, Castacón

Kerri with her good friend, Castacón

Experiencing Kerri Lake’s work is like nothing I’ve done before… the simplicity was profound.
— Lynn Scheurell, Las Vegas, NV


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Being With Horses® sessions are currently held only in San Diego County.

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Once you register, you'll receive a link to a welcome packet that provides you with essential information. Please download and read this information before your session. 

To learn more about your facilitator Kerri Lake, read more here.


    Benefits of Being With Horses® include, but are certainly not limited to: 

    • Feel and rejuvenate
    • Connect with the horses
    • Meditate and self-heal
    • Deepen your self-love
    • Learn about senses
    • Learn about communication

    Sessions are facilitated for the wellness and safety of both people and horses. This is time to learn as much as you'd like about being with horses, about communication with animals and people, about presence and ease in relationships. 

    If you require any special accommodations or require additional assistance, please contact us before you register - not every location can accommodate different aid devices. We want to be sure you are set up for a beautiful experience. 

    Connecting with horses, and animals in general, can invite people to be closer to their own heart. Feeling our own heart can seem scary at first, which is understandable. Being With Horses® is an opportunity to explore feeling your heart with no agenda, no expectation, simply “doing nothing” in the presence of animals who are happy to connect and share.

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    I’m having more and more confidence in my feelings and perceptions, and also, a great love for my body is flowering after years and years of being so hard on it.
    — O.P., Switzerland
    I’ve found a greater sense of peace and confidence in myself. The tools I have learned are invaluable in everyday life and make it much more playful.
    — Heather Bain, London, UK
    It is immediately evident when you meet Kerri that her sensitivity and enthusiasm carry over necessarily into the way she communicates with animals and relates to people. She approaches both with honesty and integrity.
    — D.C., Davis, CA
    I signed up for one of Kerri’s clinics not quite knowing what to expect. What I received was amazing and life changing!
    — J.C., Nicasio, CA
    Very supportive. Your info and way of conveying has added to my expanding awareness.
    — L.H., Encinitas, CA