Feel Without Fear

Listen Like A Horse Healsville,  2019

with Kerri Lake

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A unique 2-day experience to expand your knowledge and proficiency with your innate sensory communication. 

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This is a general description of the event. Every event with Kerri is unique. Each time you engage with Kerri and receive more tools, you build on your own foundation of living from the heart.

If you have already attended another of Kerri’s events, you will find this to be affirming and expansive. You will hear some of what you’ve already learned, but you will be able to use the information in new ways. Your creativity and confidence will only grow.

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To serve the participants, the timing of exercises and discussions may change to provide the best experience.

Our Healesville location gives us the opportunity to be among horses who live as a herd, lovingly cared for by people and given space to be who they are. Participants are not able to bring their horses to this event, but we will interact and play among the horses who live right outside the back gate.

Whether you are an equestrian professional or an animal lover with no horse experience, there is so much to see and learn in these direct interactions. 

To listen like a horse is to listen without judgment and communicate with a priority of senses before intellect. When you come to know yourself in this state of being, you join the animals where they live each day. 



We gather at 9:30 and begin at 10. Our first two hours together provide a solid foundation for your learning. Ask any question you like at any time - the most important point of this event is that you leave feeling empowered and equipped to bring these new tools of awareness to life in your own world.


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We take time during the day to really experience the tools. For many people, navigating with senses is like learning a whole new language. The Tools make it easier. It's kind of like being in kindergarten again, teaching the mind a different way to interact with life, having full permission to play in the innocence of not-knowing. Buddhists might call it "beginner's mind," but I prefer to call it exploration. I will show you how to use what you already know to step with courage into the unknown. The animals always recognize when humans play this way - it feels good.


What's important is that what you learn here is relevant in your world. I provide you with customized assistance within the group - one person asking a question is an opportunity for all! 

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To close the day, we may simply have a relaxed discussion throughout the afternoon, again making everything you've received in the event more real and valuable for you to take home with you. You will have a greater sense of your own awareness. You will know a new way to organize your thoughts and sensory information. You will have experience navigating emotional energy and thought energy with a new level of grace.