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How To Live Without The Fight - Sept 2016

Although conflict, battle and the dance of domination and submission are still common on this planet, that which is common does not necessarily support life. How do I live on a planet full of conflict when my own heart is all about love? This has been one of the greatest explorations for myself as I've walked out of old patterns and judgments. Years ago I looked in the mirror and started asking a new question: "How do I stop fighting myself?" 

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Where Is Humanity Headed? - July 2016

It’s not always pretty to watch a total transformation. After all, a caterpillar totally comes apart before the butterfly emerges. Redwood forests require intense fires to release the seeds of their next generation.  There IS a direction that Humanity is moving as a whole. You have the ability to see beyoond the doom and gloom right now as you welcome in the aspects of yourself that already exist and operate in harmony beyond the conflicts of the physical world. We’ll share perspectives and tools, love and awesomeness.

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