Where Is Humanity Headed? - July 2016

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Embrace a harmonious relationship with all facets of your Self...
And watch how You emanate through all of life.

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It's short notice, <<First Name>>, but our next live video conversation is tomorrow morning. Short notice may mean a small group, but we'll be there anyway. 

Sunday, August 14th  
9am PDT

Listen, Feel and Share with us, August 14th, 9am PST

Click the link above to visit the Alternative Health Tools Podcast website. You'll see an intro video and find the link to join us tomorrow morning. 

Where Is Humanity Headed?

John Biethan (co-founders of AHT), Mel Robertson (Facilitator/Creator and Happiness Coach) and hopefully YOU will be all together. Share questions by chat or ask to join by video!

...it's just good stuff!

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Hi <<First Name>>!

Isn’t it exciting? All of the changes going on all around? Yes? Maybe not...?

We’re going to play with the question...Where IS Humanity headed? Do you wonder? Or do you already have a sense that everything is doomed?

It’s not always pretty to watch a total transformation. After all, a caterpillar totally comes apart before the butterfly emerges. Redwood forests require intense fires to release the seeds of their next generation.  There IS a direction that Humanity is moving as a whole. You have the ability to see beyoond the doom and gloom right now as you welcome in the aspects of yourself that already exist and operate in harmony beyond the conflicts of the physical world. We’ll share perspectives and tools, love and awesomeness.

Let’s play there together, let’s speak and connect from those realms and bring that awareness into and through the physical world. Bringing it through is what re-creates the outside world from a sense of harmony. From the heart.

Tools For An Awakening World are created to assist in Humanity's transformation from conflict to harmony. 

Have fun my friend, because you can.

With love,

Three simple tools of awareness to bring forth clarity and awareness through your unique Presence. This link takes you to them...

As you integrate your sensory levels of awareness and communication, you step further into your natural state of being, into your innate communion with all of life.

The key is your willingness - will you have a fluid, harmonious relationship with your Self? 

This paradigm is the embodiment of love, the acknowledgement of harmony throughout all forms of life. The great opportunity is to create it through your relationship with your Self.  

You don't know what the Universe has waiting for you until You are willing to show up! 


Support, ease and fluidity are your birthright! So...let's have that! 

These are just a couple of ways for you to embody that ease, the loving Presence that is your natural state of being, real-time, through every situation and relationship.

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Thank you for walking your walk. Your Presence matters - your unique expression nourishes all of life. You are headed with perpetual acceleration into the fullest expression of your heart. And you're not alone!

It's a beautiful time, don't you think? 




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