Tool #1, Mind Watch The Body - June, 2016

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Awakening is the recognition that, in this infinite and benevolent realm of creation, you are now free to know and have what actually works for you.

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Live Class June 23rd, Tools For An Awakening World

Tool #1 Mind Watch The Body!
5pm PST


We will be live on video for this interactive class!

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Hi <<First Name>>!

In a conversation with some new friends yesterday, I saw my own life's journey with a new level of clarity. All that I've been watching, studying, seeing and opening to since the age of three has been guiding my ability to communicate with others the opportunities for kindness in relationships that my own heart feels effortlessly. 

That is where these tools have been created from - my loving Presence with kindness to share. 

The mind, the body and You in harmony with one another is your birthright and natural state of being. Bringing these divine aspects together with You at the helm (rather than the mind) generates a sense of clarity that feels like effortless guidance. You know it because you feel it... These tools can assist. 


Three simple tools of awareness to bring forth clarity and awareness through your unique Presence. This link takes you to them...

As you integrate your sensory levels of awareness and communication, you step further into your natural state of being, into your innate communion with all of life.

The key is your willingness - will you have a fluid, harmonious relationship with your Self? 

This paradigm is the embodiment of love, the acknowledgement of harmony throughout all forms of life. The great opportunity is to create it through your relationship with your Self.  

While this is an online resource, I prefer to share these tools and guidance in person, individually or in groups. Even by phone or Skype, people feel for themselves the sensations of their own Presence moving through their bodies.

Support, ease and fluidity are your birthright! So...let's have that! 

These are just a couple of ways for you to embody that ease, the loving Presence that is your natural state of being, real-time, through every situation and relationship.

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Thank you for walking your walk. Your Presence matters - your unique expression nourishes all of life. You are headed with perpetual acceleration into the fullest expression of your heart. And you're not alone!

It's a beautiful time, don't you think? 




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