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Embrace a harmonious relationship with all facets of your Self...
And watch how You emanate through all of life.

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In harmony, the language we use can sound different. Expression feelsdifferent. We're going to play with that this Sunday

Not just the words, but the tones and frequencies. Being embraced by love in every context feels different than what humanity has lived with for eons. The way we address confusion and conflict is different. There is no judgment.

This is an opportunity to step into that new sense <<First Name>>, to feel language used differently, to acknowledge the sense of generate harmony.

Sunday, August 7th
We get to play together again!  
9am PDT

Our next conversation happening this Sunday morning at 9am PST is through live video on the BLAB platform. Hosted by Alternative Health Tools Podcast.

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  • Follow this link to subscribe to the Tools For An Awakening World conversation 

Listen, Feel and Share with us, August 7th, 9am PST

Join myself, John Biethan and Lisa Thorpe (co-founders of AHT), with Mel Robertson (Facilitator/Creator and Happiness Coach). You will have the opportunity to interact, too! Share questions by chat or ask to join by video!'s just good stuff! 

Hi <<First Name>>!

When you start to really go with your senses, to really run with what your Higher Levels are presenting, you become aware of a whole different essence of who You are. A much greater Presence.

It can seem to the mind like a place where there is no evidence for any particular outcome, no evidence that anything will ever be the same again, or different. No evidence, according to the mind, of what is to come...period. 

The heart and the senses know, though. There is true familiarity in your Presence. It is all that You are, and you know it is real because the body will communicate to you, "Yes! I feel that!". 

When you know you are dancing with your Presence, make this sensory awareness the priority and watch everything in your outside world keep moving forward with ease. 

When the priority is a sense of Presence, rather than a sense of familiar outcomes, you create space for the benevolence of the Universe to touch you, to give to you, to embrace you.  

Evidence can only prove what has not worked for you previously, so why search for evidence if what you’re asking for is beyond all that you’ve ever known?

Ask and run with the lightest of hearts, knowing that a mistake is impossible and no matter what presents on your journey, you are doomed to success!

The mind, the body and You in harmony with one another is your birthright and natural state of being. Bringing these divine aspects together with You at the helm (rather than the mind) generates a sense of clarity that feels like effortless guidance. You know it because you feel it... These tools can assist. 

Come and play with your awesome self! 

With love,

Three simple tools of awareness to bring forth clarity and awareness through your unique Presence. This link takes you to them...

As you integrate your sensory levels of awareness and communication, you step further into your natural state of being, into your innate communion with all of life.

The key is your willingness - will you have a fluid, harmonious relationship with your Self? 

This paradigm is the embodiment of love, the acknowledgement of harmony throughout all forms of life. The great opportunity is to create it through your relationship with your Self.  

You don't know what the Universe has waiting for you until You are willing to show up! 


Support, ease and fluidity are your birthright! So...let's have that! 

These are just a couple of ways for you to embody that ease, the loving Presence that is your natural state of being, real-time, through every situation and relationship.

Click Here to read a few testimonials of how others feel about this assistance. 

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1-1 Sessions

Send an email to request an appointment by phone or Skype. 

Please read more to know how sessions may assist you. 

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You might want to come out and play! 

This is Bubba! He lives in Encinitas and likes to hear you say his name.

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Thank you for walking your walk. Your Presence matters - your unique expression nourishes all of life. You are headed with perpetual acceleration into the fullest expression of your heart. And you're not alone!

It's a beautiful time, don't you think? 




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