How To Live Without The Fight - Sept 2016

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You were never meant to fight simply to exist...
Embrace the gifts available to you today and watch life unfold with new outcomes without the grind of conflict

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Saturday, September 11th  
9am PDT

Listen, Feel and Share with us, September 11th, 9am PDT

As you welcome the mind into a friendship, it begins to ask You for direction and guidance. The mind wants to help. Let's provide it with tools, awareness and information to welcome its participation as a partner. 

You Don't Have To Fight With Yourself's just good stuff!

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Love and compassion are ways of being that support life rather than domination. In a paradigm of competition and dominance, sometimes people go all the way to destruction before realizing that life is still happening, that harmony is still available.

Although conflict, battle and the dance of domination and submission are still common on this planet, that which is common does not necessarily support life. How do I live on a planet full of conflict when my own heart is all about love? This has been one of the greatest explorations for myself as I've walked out of old patterns and judgments. Years ago I looked in the mirror and started asking a new question: "How do I stop fighting myself?" 

Moving into a new paradigm of consciousness is what happens when you start simply stepping out of an old one. A paradigm is a way of understanding and organizing how we see the world around us. For eons, humanity has been operating from a paradigm of duality. Perspectives have been dominated by light vs dark, good vs evil, right vs wrong, all polar opposites.

This dualistic perspective informed the ways we organize and relate to information and relationships. It has bred a sense that one end of the spectrum is valuable and the other is not, which only amplifies the paradigm of "one vs another," which is a simple way to describe conflict. This kind of conflict-driven awareness permeates every aspect of life, including how we are taught to think about our own creative expression. 

Striving toward one end of the spectrum only reinforces the existence of the opposite end of the spectrum. To strive toward light reinforces the existence of dark. To strive toward good requires that evil still exists. Positive requires negative in order to exist. 

So how do you live without conflict in a world built by duality and polar opposites? Don't try to change that duality exists, simply walk forward in a different way. 

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A new paradigm requires no polar opposite in order to navigate and flourish in the physical realm. It's a different way of being that does not require the push-and-pull of polar opposites we're accustomed to in the physical realm. A new paradigm simply acknowledges what IS and navigates from a different priority than the domination of a scenario. The physical world will still operate with polarity - it's a measurable phenomenon. Humanity, though, is no longer bound by the same system. Humanity does not require conflict to know how to navigate and flourish in the physical realm. Conflict may still exist, but it is no longer required to know one's Self or know what direction of movement will benefit life. You no longer require the bad to know the good, and the arisement of a "golden age" will only continue to arise. It is a new way of being. Unfamiliar though it might be, it is available. 

Mel Robertson and I will play with this conversation this Saturday morning. Mel is a brilliant De-Cluttering Expert and Happiness Coach. You can find Mel online at

Living without the fight looks and feels different than the way humanity has considered "normal" for thousands of years. The language is different. The expressions are different. The tone and essence are different. We want to bring this shift in awareness and expression right to the forefront and share it for all who are willing to embody a new paradigm and know what it is to live without the fight. 

Come play in the conversation. Let's make it very real ...

Listen, Feel and Share with us, September 11th, 9am PDT

I have the great honor this October to speak to the brilliant, inspired facilitators of, the International Association of Horse Assisted Education. 

I'll be sharing Listen Like A Horse and Tools For An Awakening World

The heart of this conference is to expand the vision of integrity and equality among all species. Please visit their website and see their beautiful work:

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A brand new adventure to support the growth and expansion of Presence. 

Your Presence is a gift.

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Create A Harmonious Relationship Within Yourself And Watch It Emanate Through All Of Creation

As you welcome the mind into a friendship, it begins to ask you for direction and guidance. The mind wants to help. Let's provide it with tools, awareness and information that lets it participate as a partner.

There is an ease and simplicity to stepping out of conflict and into a harmonious relationship with all aspects of your Self. 

Conflict is conflict. You can own it if you want, but why would you? You were never meant to be a clearing station for the conflicts and patterns that move through the mass consciousness of humanity. 

Your expression as healthy, whole and complete is your innate birthright. Integrate your natural state of being and watch as the outside world begins to transform to complement you, give to you, open the way for you to express more. 

Three simple tools of awareness to bring forth clarity and awareness through your unique Presence. This link takes you to them...

As you integrate your sensory levels of awareness and communication, you step further into your natural state of being, into your innate communion with all of life.

The key is your willingness - will you have a fluid, harmonious relationship with your Self? 

This paradigm is the embodiment of love, the acknowledgement of harmony throughout all forms of life. The great opportunity is to create it through your relationship with your Self.  

You don't know what the Universe has waiting for you until You are willing to show up! 


Support, ease and fluidity are your birthright! So...let's have that! 

These are just a couple of ways for you to embody that ease, the loving Presence that is your natural state of being, real-time, through every situation and relationship.

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