Going "Local" - March, 2016

This is an invitation to greater kindness.

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Click on the image to meet my friends in the patio garden through this delightfully fuzzy home video!


I am now local! 

Wait...maybe I mean loco... No, it's local. 

For several years I've been traveling around the planet to facilitate and share. To be honest, sometimes it was searching and seeking. Sometimes it was running toward something, sometimes running away. 

Near the end of last year, I was asked a very potent question: 

"Kerri, where would you most like to commit to living?"  

What came immediately out of my mouth was southern California. My first book was written in a little mountain cabin in a small town called Idyllwild - an amazing place worth a visit. But the mountain life includes snow. I'm more of a beach enthusiast. 

It took some deep breaths to acknowledge that southern California, somewhere in north San Diego County, really is a place that feels nourishing to me. I could say that I had judgments for that part of the world or the people who live there, I could say that I had fears about how expensive it is, that sort of thing, but none of that was true or even important. The deep breaths were all about exploring whether or not I would finally step in to what works for my own lifestream to unfold. Would I actually now be willing to stop running and grow in whole new ways? This is me, walking my walk, doing exactly what I talk about with every bit of writing and in every event and appointment. 

Letting myself have a home, stability and support has been one of the greatest fears for me to walk through personally. If I don't have a home, nobody can take my home away, right? I'll spare you the details in this short bit of writing, but that fear has been dominating subconscious patterns for most of my life. I'm sharing because this is not an isolated pattern that is unique to just this one person. It's okay...nobody is alone. 

In the past three months, my personal palace, friends, beautiful connections and opportunities to play just keep growing. I used to feel ants in my pants without a road trip every 3 weeks or so. Today I sit in my sweet patio garden and marvel when there is no other place I feel like being. 

I guess what I really want to share in all of this is what a wonderful discomfort it is to be loved.

In my case, at least at this moment, relaxing into this sweet home, chatting with the plants and the hummingbirds, the ducks and squirrels who come by and my kitty friend who isn't interested in sharing my coffee but would be happy to sample other food I might want to give him after he poops in the garden, this is being loved. This is receiving love. It is a sense that goes well beyond a need to run somewhere or a need to hide anything - it is an embrace that says, "Hey, whatever you wish! And the softness, the sweetness is right here." 

So, I'm going to let it be. 

When I say I'm local, maybe it's because I feel steady in a location, maybe it's because I feel embraced. "Local" can be a Universal address that goes with you anywhere on the planet or off the planet. But living someplace that really works for you? What an act of love to let yourself have it. 

OH, and it's cool to get to play with other local people and businesses to share events and other awesomeness! Check it out below... 

Love and BeLoved,

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Here you'll find many opportunities to engage - in San Diego, in Colorado, in Australia...and who knows what else will pop up! 

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A Physical Being In The 5th Dimension

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Andrea Datz

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Andrea will be hosing our event in Colorado this April.

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October 13-19, 2016

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It's a beautiful time, don't you think? 




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