A Harmonious Relationship Within Yourself - Aug, 2016

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Embrace a harmonious relationship with all facets of your Self...
And watch how You emanate through all of life.

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Thank you for continuing to receive these emails and dance with us as we expand the ways we share. The Tools For An Awakening World have started touching more people, and the community is growing! We've engaged a new service called Patreon - please scroll down to see more and click through to check it out. It's a way to bring the community together for sharing and support.

And... The next live online conversation happens this weekend: 

Saturday, August 20th  
9am PDT

Listen, Feel and Share with us, August 20th, 9am PST

As you welcome the mind into a friendship, it begins to ask You for direction and guidance. The mind wants to help. Let's provide it with tools, awareness and information welcome its participation as a partner. 

A Harmonious Relationship Within Yourself


John Biethan (co-founder of AHT), myself and hopefully YOU will get to play together again this Saturday. Share your questions by chat or ask to join in the video extravaganza!

...it's just good stuff!

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A New Adventure! 


We're bringing together  a social network to guide and assist humanity in a new paradigm of harmony. 

Patreon is a platform that helps artists fund their work by growing a community of support and sharing.

Have a look...come and play!  

We'll be using our new Patreon account to share Tools For An Awakening World through videos and other communication. You'll have the ability to support the work and participate in community-specific events, have your own questions addressed and receive personal assistance to accelerate your journey. 

"How can I best assist?" 

Come play in the community and let me know! 

Create A Harmonious Relationship Within Yourself And Watch It Emanate Through All Of Creation

As you welcome the mind into a friendship, it begins to ask you for direction and guidance. The mind wants to help. Let's provide it with tools, awareness and information that lets it participate as a partner.

There is an ease and simplicity to stepping out of conflict and into a harmonious relationship with all aspects of your Self. 

Conflict is conflict. You can own it if you want, but why would you? You were never meant to be a clearing station for the conflicts and patterns that move through the mass consciousness of humanity. 

Your expression as healthy, whole and complete is your innate birthright. Integrate your natural state of being and watch as the outside world begins to transform to complement you, give to you, open the way for you to express more. 

Three simple tools of awareness to bring forth clarity and awareness through your unique Presence. This link takes you to them...

As you integrate your sensory levels of awareness and communication, you step further into your natural state of being, into your innate communion with all of life.

The key is your willingness - will you have a fluid, harmonious relationship with your Self? 

This paradigm is the embodiment of love, the acknowledgement of harmony throughout all forms of life. The great opportunity is to create it through your relationship with your Self.  

You don't know what the Universe has waiting for you until You are willing to show up! 


Support, ease and fluidity are your birthright! So...let's have that! 

These are just a couple of ways for you to embody that ease, the loving Presence that is your natural state of being, real-time, through every situation and relationship.

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1-1 Sessions

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You might want to come out and play! 

This is Bubba! He lives in Encinitas and likes to hear you say his name.

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Thank you for walking your walk. Your Presence matters - your unique expression nourishes all of life. You are headed with perpetual acceleration into the fullest expression of your heart. And you're not alone!

It's a beautiful time, don't you think? 




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