Feel Without Fear





The animal kingdom is evolving with us.

My natural ability to communicate with animals is the foundation of the work I share with people today. Animals communicate with images, senses and a masterful command of their own energy.

Humans have the ability to communicate in all of these ways, with animals and with each other. The animals will always be there to validate and support us as we continue to recognize their intelligence and value as living beings who share our planet.

The future of training and working with animals is in our own self-awareness. Horses are horses. Dogs are dogs. Programs of training and interaction are not evolving because animals are evolving, programs are evolving because our awareness is changing. Humanity is starting to see new facets of how to work with animals because we are beginning to see new facets of ourselves. 

Let self-awareness be the foundation on which you stand, the ground from which you apply your tools, and the animals will always meet you at the highest level you are willing to engage.  

All species are welcome! 

You can learn more about Kerri's perspectives, wisdom and teaching through her online courses, Pure Presence Animal Communication and Techniques Of Expression


Kerri offers 1-1 sessions for animals of all species and the people who love them. There is no limit to what can be addressed. From physical issues to expanding spiritual connection, Kerri listens from a combined foundation of scientific education and a lifetime of innate ability to communicate and provide healing. She guides her clients to perpetually higher states of wellness. 



Animals are always communicating their awareness and their state of being. When we listen, they feel our attention, they feel our hearts opening to them. What they share with us can include clarity about behaviors, preferences and needs. It can include gifts of love and wisdom. They share with us a way of knowing them and ourselves that can nourish every relationship in our lives. 


Kerri teaches and mentors people of all ages who are open to knowing themselves the way the animals know us. Learn about your innate ability to listen and communicate with animals and the natural world. Learn how to guide others to their ability. Use these skills to enhance your leadership capacity.  You may also request teaching for your specific group of professionals and/or friends.

Kerri’s intuitive abilities are incredible and the animals she works with are a testament to her abilities.
— D.D., Davis, CA


Kerri's first book, Listen Like A Horse, reaches far beyond training horses. In it she shares her thoughts, wisdom and way of being with a difficult horse who was misunderstood. 

Whether you are working with horses, dogs, humans or any other species, this book helps you know what it is to listen without judgment and communicate with clarity. 

This book hits “below the mind” and in the heart...
— M.B., Nashville, TN

Her live courses always include education and guidance for communication with animals. This natural ability is so supportive for every kind of relationship in life, whether you work directly with animals or not. 

If you are in any kind of leadership position, Kerri highly recommends learning more about your skills to communicate on these levels. People and animals respond to communication through an open heart in ways that generate harmony no matter what the environment.