The animals are a presence that is absent of judgment and often provide an environment that creates a sense of safety for people to open their hearts. In that environment, integration happens so much faster. Connection and communication with the animal kingdom can be a very potent doorway to awareness of your Presence, your innate ability to sense, feel and communicate through your subtle (and not-so-subtle) senses. 

When you begin to open your accessibility to communicate with the animals, you become available to communicate with all of consciousness, as you wish. There is no requirement, only doors that open the heart, if that's where you'd like to go.


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Animals assist you through their presence and innocence to remember your innate sensory communication, an exchange of vibration and presence. Going direct to Presence is reactivating your awareness through your physical body. You can expand out into the rest of your life AS that presence even when you’re not surrounded by animals ... Animals are and will always be with you, no matter where you go.

It is the ending of separation from the animal kingdom, the natural or elemental worlds and the etheric realms. It is the welcoming of relationships without dominance, and living in the awareness of our natural state, no longer hiding from ourselves or the outside world.