Feel Without Fear

About Kerri Lake


Tools, education and guidance to help humanity function in harmony with all of life.


Humanity is waking up to a new way of being. 

In all walks of life, individuals realize their heartfelt desire to connect with others, to create together, to leave behind a sense of competition that leaves no winner. 

This website and my journey are about harmony, awareness, communication, tools and consciousness that accelerate humanity's integration and the creation of human life in harmony with all of life. 

As you continue to explore the purity of your own heart, I honor you, your courage and divine embodiment of love that you are. 

We each have a unique journey in life, yet there are currents that carry us in common ways. Bring awareness to what is common among us and changes happen with grace. 

Kerri Lake is a gifted speaker, writer, and guide for navigating life without violence. She is a natural "servant leader" whose presence empowers others to their own greatness.

Her first book, Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance, touches the hearts of friends, parents, professionals, facilitators, leaders and healers in many walks of life. She is recognized as a new and unique voice for humanity to know love and kindness in all relationships.

Kerri travels to teach Tools For An Awakening World. She speaks about how each individual is a vast resource for cultural change and provides pragmatic ways to use our awareness to bring about changes that complement all of life.