Kerri Lake is a gifted speaker, writer, and guide for navigating life without violence. She is a natural "servant leader" whose presence empowers others to their own greatness.

Her first book, Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance, touches the hearts of friends, parents, professionals, facilitators, leaders and healers in many walks of life. She is recognized as a new and unique voice for humanity to know love and kindness in all relationships.

Kerri travels to teach Tools For An Awakening World. She speaks about how each individual is a vast resource for cultural change and provides pragmatic ways to use our awareness to bring about changes that complement all of life.

Kerri is as comfortable working with the “issue of the moment” (hour, day, week...) as with the overall vision of a company or a life.
— K.W., Half Moon Bay, CA

A little more background...

Connection With Animals

Kerri with Alsea small.jpg

My connection with the animals provided me the foundation for all that I share today. I was an "Animal Communicator" before I ever knew that term existed. Today I teach people how to be aware of and expand their own innate ability to communicate with animals, and with people. It starts with the absence of judgment.  

Connection With Spirit

My first memory was in infancy when I recognized, "I'm HUMAN again!" I knew I was here deliberately, that life itself is a deliberate creation. My knowing has taken many forms throughout my life. The support of the spiritual and etheric realms is always with us. It has embraced me in immeasurable ways. 


The freedom to express my gifts has required me to make friends with my own humanness. It's not always an easy or comfortable ride. I've been through anxiety, panic & a very unique suicide. I share with you because maybe something I've been through can help your human experience happen with greater ease. 

To learn more about Kerri's journey, join her at one of her live events. She uses stories and insights from her own life to share wisdom and teachings.