Feel Without Fear

A Unique Consultancy

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Generation Of Harmony

A unique, "hands-on" consultancy that guides leaders and their teams to build projects with high consciousness and harmony with life.

Harmony with all of life is an option in every relationship, in every communication. Harmony reveals itself with ease when people are willing to embrace a higher level of their own awareness. This "hands-on" facilitation provides a unique opportunity for individuals and teams to integrate higher consciousness into all their endeavors.

The future of leadership is in self-awareness. Learn the skills to expand your awareness and navigate with sensory information. The only way to teach is to lead by example. Your group, organization, business and projects become a continuous generative source of harmony in all their connections and relationships. 

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When people are educated and empowered to feel and know themselves without judgment, they become available to feel one another.

When people feel one another, compassion rises through every interaction.

Life begins to harmonize itself through every relationship and situation.

By embodying what we teach, we show others the way. This is facilitation. 

The Tools were so effective for my work that my company reimbursed me for the cost of tuition.
— M.D., Germany

I partner with other consultants and facilitators, work side-by-side with you and your team, focusing on awareness and communication. Your relationships are everything. Begin with the relationship within yourself and you begin to lead by example.

GoH (Generation Of Harmony) education provides a consistent way for people to know and use their innate ability to sense subtle energies. Physiologically, humanity is already equipped to sense and respond to communication on various vibrational levels. I call this “sensory awareness”.

Tools For An Awakening World offer an education to understand one another and communicate in a new way. These Tools simplify the understanding and use of sensory awareness, empowering people to effectively generate coherence in every situation and navigate life in harmony with others.

Options for engagement: 

(please send a message to request pricing)


A series of 5 sessions; one session each week for three weeks, a fourth two weeks later and a fifth two weeks beyond that. This provides you with tools and guidance to explore and expand your awareness. We will also have fluid email access in-between sessions. The guidance spans nearly two months.


A month of full engagement, where we are in touch fluidly, working together on your project. You define the goal by bringing the project to the table. I provide guidance, acceleration and assistance as a "hands-on facilitator" and also contribute as a co-creator. We schedule 1-1 time by zoom as we feel necessary and just discuss and create, sharing emails and files along the way. It would be like hiring me for a month to help you build what you want to build, and welcome personal growth and integration as well. 


A six month engagement for 1-1 sessions where you choose how many 1-1 sessions you would like to schedule during the six months. We would start with 1 session a week for the first three weeks, and after that, it's like I am "on retainer" as we progress with your project over time. This is a way to receive longer-term assistance at your own pace. It would not include the fluid email connection. Each session you schedule after the first three would be a payment of US$120 (the normal rate is US$190) for the duration of our engagement. Per-session price can be reduced with a larger initial payment.


A series of three sessions with supportive videos to learn new tools of self-awareness. These sessions occur two weeks apart with one email question in-between. It’s meant to provide simplicity and acceleration for those who are already aware of mindfulness and presence. 

Assistance - US$190/session

Schedule a 1-1 session to receive assistance, clarity and guidance. 

The Foundational tools for GoH:

Tools For An Awakening World

The Tools build a foundation by organizing the mind’s awareness to notice and prioritize subtle energy sensations from the body. When awareness is organized in this way, the body responds immediately through changes in sensory feedback. Conflict between the mind and body dissolves.

  • Mind, Watch the Body
  • Breaking Energy
  • Expansion

By generating a friendship of the mind, the body and the heart, the familiar analysis/fear/reaction cycle loses its grip on how we function. We become free and empowered to act from higher states of consciousness in everyday situations. We facilitate communication with presence and wisdom of the heart. 

Education empowers leaders and guides teams to prioritize this new approach to communication. Skill and intellect can then be applied from a new foundation that supports harmony and wellness for all.