Feel Without Fear

Spiritually Gifted, with Kerri Lake

9 Week Series

Integrating a new paradigm of healing from the heart.

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Spiritually Gifted

9 Week Series

by Kerri Lake

Whether you feel it’s a blessing or a curse, awareness is simply the way.


This is a journey we take together, taught from awareness of what is common among us.

Clarity in sensory awareness has a lot to do with re-educating the mind. New vocabulary, new ways of using vocabulary, and a different kind of prioritizing help the mind function in friendship rather than control. This is a big part of what I’d like to share with you, what I’ve been shown, what I’ve been gifted and have mastered.

This is to provide you with a very expansive sense of your Self, trying on new perspectives so that you might come to new levels of awareness of your Self, your Presence and the scope of connection in relationships. 

You will feel and watch yourself expand into greater awareness of your heart, greater awareness of your giftedness, and greater clarity in how YOU can best navigate life with an open heart.

9 weeks of live video teaching & guidance

  • 1.5 hours of instruction each week

  • Additional discussion & guidance

  • Access to ask questions between sessions

  • Private online community

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I am always the best version of myself after spending time with Kerri. My consciousness expands, my heart opens and all that laughter is just plain delightful. The deeper truths that are discussed provoke me into exploring new possibilities for myself, my loved ones and the world we inhabit together. I get myself in her presence on a regular basis.
— Barbara Thompson, Wilton, CA

This series provides you with a sound, universal foundation for navigating life without judgment.

You will feel and know: 

  • Greater awareness of how your universal guidance communicates with you

  • A solid friendship with your mind

  • Tools to navigate the physical world from the heart in all contexts

  • Sensory experience of your connection with universal grace

  • Grace in times of choice or change

  • Trust in your own evolution

  • Confidence in your communication with others

  • New clarity with your empathic sense

  • Tools for living free of emotional overwhelm

  • Healing for your body, emotions, mind and soul

  • A new sensory vocabulary

  • Insight, clarity and excitement for your own evolution and the evolution of life

  • Kindness for yourself and others in all walks of life

  • Empowerment to make beneficial changes in your life

  • Ability to communicate with animals, nature, angels and other beings

  • and much more...

The first thing I noticed was that the relationship with the mind and the body changed. My whole bodily experience has changed - the way I move, the way it feels.
— M.D., Germany


Who is this for?

This material is for all who know in their hearts that there is another way to be on this planet, a way that is not rooted in domination and manipulation.

It was developed by a very sensitive, kind person who grew up in a world that didn't recognize her gifts. Maybe you feel a bit like that in your life, too. 

No matter what walk of life you enjoy, your heart will always be knocking on the door, offering to guide you. This series is continuing education for people who have opened that door.


This series is offered for US$525 per person.  I offer insight, perspective, tools and direction to guide you to your brilliant self-empowered discovery.

You will receive new tools and a masterful awareness of sensory information to navigate the world without overwhelm. You will have experience to create new tools for yourself, to creatively address any issue that might arise for yourself, your family, friends, students and clients. 


This series will accelerate you to a new level of consciousness with grace in the absence of judgment. 

I thank you for receiving this level of awareness and facilitation. Each person will integrate it and use it as it complements them. My goal is not to make you be like me (because that would be boring!). My part is to empower YOU to embody the greatest version of YOUR self, and have the most enjoyable life possible as you walk with an open heart, share your gifts and love your relationships! 

Please see www.kerrilake.com/testimonials-nav for a sense of other people’s experience with this work.

If you’d like to learn at your own pace, please consider the 9-Week Series Self-Study option!


Self-Study 9-week series

The charge for the series is US$205.

This is a previously recorded series that will provide you with the teaching and tools. Please join the upcoming live series for personal guidance, interaction, expansion and more!
Registration fees are transferrable but non-refundable.



I’m experiencing a new level of understanding and appreciation of breaking energy as well as an increased level of self-awareness.
— L.H., California

My own journey with sensory awareness began when I was very young. Like many of you, I was able to talk to nature, to the grass, to the trees and the animals. It all occurred to me as waves moving through the body - I had no vocabulary, but the way communication felt in my body was very, very clear, often accompanied by images, but not always. 

As I got older and gained more language, concepts and tools, I watched and developed my ability to shift the way my presence felt in my body and how that shift communicated to the animals in my world. Horses, dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, giraffes even! I paid attention with my analytical mind while I felt the movement of communication through my body. The responses and outcomes went far beyond communication with animals to provide me with tremendous clarity about communication with people and various realms of consciousness. 

Eventually this led to my very adept abilty to simply shift my Presence, feel the sensations of movement through my body, and be able to harmonize a situation through my awareness. It is this level of skill I’d like to bring you to, or at least point you to and provide you with tools through this series of teleconferences. 


Scroll down to see an outline of the 9 Week Series, but make sure you read everything too! 

Be a human in harmony with all of life.

Be a human in harmony with all of life.

Remember what life's about?

Remember what life's about?

Every person on the planet is waking up to a new way of being.

For thousands of years, this awakening has been known, supported and guided by ancient mystics, shamans and swamis. Higher states of consciousness were limited to the very few whose purpose on the planet was to know the light of divinity and share that light through both their own beingness and the methods that guide others.

The year 1987 saw an energetic event birth the possibility of a new paradigm of consciousness. This event is known as the Harmonic Convergence. Signifying both the death of the old and the birth of the new, these auspicious moments held the love and attention of thousands of people around the world. You can call it the “New Age”, the “Age Of Aquarius” or simply a new paradigm. Every label is talking about the heart of humanity stepping out of perpetual conflict and competition into something that has never happened before - the whole of humanity connected through the heart, living in harmony with life.

The only way to live in this connection is for individuals to know their own heart first. As each is connected to the whole, each one affects the whole. We are at the very beginning stages of generating harmony through this connection. There are a lot of old, crusty belief systems, competitions, greed and domination yet to play out as more individuals claim their heart connection and begin to live in this priority. But it has begun and there is no going back.

Some people’s awakening will feel easier than others. Some will struggle mightily. Some will refuse to make the shift. Each one will have the same opportunities to shine as they claim and live with their heart wide open. Suffering is optional.

My journey is an example of a person with a gifted awareness of this new paradigm who is caught in the stubbornness of trying to make new things happen in old ways. Sharing the bumps and bruises with you will hopefully shine a light in collectively dark places so you don’t have to bounce off the same walls I did.

There will be more and more people born who are already aware of the lightness of being, of our option to share this planet without the predatory competition we’ve come to see as a normal part of human nature. To be very clear, predatory domination is taught. The true nature of humanity rises continuously in love. Those who know this innately will still need guidance to navigate the physical world without getting caught up in the ego, in the arrogance that suggests humanity’s role is to control divine nature. The parents of these gifted ones will provide the best guidance by knowing their own heart first and leading by example.

Ultimately, everyone’s journey is exactly as it must be to illuminate what works for the heart and what doesn’t. As stubborn as I have been, I was handed situation after situation from a benevolent source, offering me perpetual opportunities to stop repeating what doesn’t work. With great compassion, I finally had the courage to see myself without judgment and begin to walk in a new way. It is my honor to share the journey with you.


The Series

1st 3 Weeks: 

What Is Sensory Awareness?

Developing new levels of intimacy with your self does not require labels and definitions. It does require a little bit of courage to feel and to explore what you may not have felt in a long time. To communicate with others of any species, it helps to first know how to communicate with your Self.

  • Week 1: Tools Of Clarity - Experience yourself in a new relationship between the mind, the body and You.

  • Week 2: Questions Without Agenda - We’ll begin with a guided journey through your body to re-affirm this new friendship, and from this level of awareness, begin to explore how we ask questions and why. You’ll be able to feel the difference in your body when you dance with different kinds of questions!

  • Week 3: Making Friends With Fear - I will love walking you through this one, offering you a very simple way to address fear and dissolve it. You will be able to walk others through this as well, starting first with your own ability to sense your Presence in your body as the guide to assist others.


2nd 3 Weeks:

What Is The Absence Of Judgment?

Judgment is so programmed into the human sub-psyche, and it’s okay. The animal kingdom doesn’t operate in this same way. Let’s get really, really familiar with the sensations of judgment and the absence of judgment. Making a priority of sensations rather than decisions puts us in the same fluid space with the animals. Clarity in sensations helps navigate our actions with clarity as well. 

  • Week 4: Let’s spend some time judging judgment! - Judgment is the villain, right? So let’s let it rip! Judge to your heart’s content! Of course, we will connect with the body first, open the heart and bring your awareness to your Presence. And as we operate from an open heart, we’re going to really, really engage with judgment! This is usually a load of unexpected fun!

  • Week 5: Fear And Judgment - By this week you will have a greater level of ability to know your Presence and know the sensations that are NOT your presence. Fear is not necessarily something we can say is "mine" or "yours" - it existed before any of us were born. Do we need to own fear before we are free of it? What happens when we let it exist rather than try to get rid of it? Let's play with the relationship between fear and judgment. Can you have one without the other?

  • Week 6: Outcomes And Fluidity - You don't have to be a professional healer to do healing work. Playing with these tools is healing work. On one hand, we can feel confident that the outcomes of playing in this way will have a consistent tone. It can be tempting to begin looking for a familiar outcome each time we know we're consciously engaging in any setting. Let's play with the subtleties of outcomes, of good outcomes and bad outcomes. Let's play with what defines an outcome and how to open the way for the greatest outcomes.


3rd 3 Weeks:

Pragmatic Applications

These three weeks will be guiding you through your own real-life situations that present during the series, or maybe things that happened before the series that you’d like clarity about. By this portion of the series you will be innately accessing your sensory awareness in new ways with new levels of clarity and skill. The more you play, the more integrated you become - integration accelerates because sensory awareness and communication are so innate. 

I’d like this to be very interactive and I will invite others to facilitate specific situations while I sit back as a coach. You will have the opportunity to hear one another, facilitate sensory awareness if you wish and receive coaching from me at the same time.  

  • Week 7: Moving From Stuck To Fluid - We’ll walk through a few scenarios, playing with sensory awareness and communication, so you can feel yourself moving from stuck to fluid by your own command. This level of fluidity with your ability will begin to show you just how simple it is to live in grace, as the horses do.

  • Week 8: Engaging With Others Without Losing Yourself - The nitty gritty. How clear are you willing to be? This level of awareness asks you to know the sense of yourself as a sovereign being, free from carrying the consciousness and burdens of others. It is a beautiful thing…but not always comfortable. This is where we explore the divinity of discomfort.

  • Week 9: How To Teach This To Others - The Tools were created to be transferrable as soon as one feels confident to relate the tone and presence of clarity. When you know your own absence of judgment, you have the ability to convey it to others. From there, it's a matter of letting the words come through you in a way that feels true to you. This last will provide an opportunity to feel yourself speak about the Tools, receive feedback and move toward confidence in sharing with others.