3 Month Facilitation Package

Every person on the planet is waking up to a new way of being - the whole of humanity connected through the heart, living in harmony with life.

The only way to live in this connection is for individuals to know their own heart first. As each is connected to the whole, each one affects the whole.

I am always the best version of myself after spending time with Kerri. My consciousness expands, my heart opens and all that laughter is just plain delightful. The deeper truths that are discussed provoke me into exploring new possibilities for myself, my loved ones and the world we inhabit together.

- B.T, Northern California

Over a three month period, your engagement includes:

  • Four 1-1 sessions with recordings

  • Two email questions with recorded responses

  • 20% discount on live events


Working with Kerri over a three month period provides you guidance and support as you begin to truly integrate the higher consciousness of your heart into your pragmatic, everyday life.

For some people, this three months is the perfect opportunity to move through a transition, address a difficult aspect of their healing, or create a new project from a higher state of consciousness.

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Your 20 minute chat with Kerri is free of charge. Together you will choose the best schedule for your sessions. Kerri will be able to answer any questions you might have about how she works or what you can expect in your time together.

During sessions with Kerri, her only priority is how she can best assist you on your unique journey. There is no modality to administer, no belief system to adopt. This is a time to connect with your own higher consciousness and receive Kerri’s guidance and assistance to navigate both familiar and unfamiliar territory with an open heart.

Kerri’s assistance and guidance is born of her personal gifts, experience and direct connection to pure consciousness. She is not a licensed medical, psychological or veterinary professional. If you suspect a serious medical condition, please consult an appropriate medical professional.

Outcomes of working with Kerri have real, pragmatic effects on every aspect of your relationships and your life. Her work will guide you to know your innate senses and intuition, help you reclaim your innate ability to work with higher consciousness and provide you with profoundly simple tools to navigate life in total acknowledgement that it is impossible to lose your connection to your own higher consciousness.

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The further you create from your heart, the more space you create for others to choose the heart as well. The further you go, the further we all go. As you honor yourself, you honor the whole. You are infinitely valuable.

“I'm having more and more confidence in my feelings and perceptions, and also, a great love for my body is flowering after years and years of being so hard on it.” - Switzerland

“I also resonate with gaining a greater sense of who I am and letting go of the other stuff, like, “OH! This is who I am!” And I also find that I like myself better, that I’m being gentler with myself and accepting, which allows me to jump in when my ego takes me for a ride. I recognize that it’s an ego trip of some kind, that there’s something driving me that’s other-than myself. I can see now that I just don’t want to take that ride and I just let it go.” - California