Generation Of Harmony

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It all started when...

I was three years old. I watched adults behaving in odd ways, saying mean things to each other, slamming doors.

It was truly an awakening for me. I knew in every particle of my being that there IS another way. I could FEEL it...and on that day, I vowed to myself and the Universe that I would figure out how to show them. I learned later to call this way "harmony." 

Through a lifetime of my own humanness, guided by my profound commitment to harmony, Generation Of Harmony has come to life. 

You have stepped into a realm where your heart is honored. Your love is honored. Your uniqueness is honored. And together we are generating a new paradigm where this kind of honor is common as a pragmatic way of life. 

This is where we create the absence of violence.

Sign in to access your resources. Share your thoughts along the way. Your Presence matters. You matter. Thank you for being here! 


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"I am so enjoying and finding great value in your Tools. I’ve heard your Tools before at the conference where you spoke a year ago, but there is so much more depth to be had and experienced if you’re willing to just go back and keep listening."  

- B.T., Northern California


Thank you for this opportunity to share with you, my friend. And more than that, thank you for sharing your Presence here with us! This online resource exists to bring a consciousness that is absent of conflict into the way we live our lives daily.

We are here for you, so let us know how we can serve you.

Your Community membership provides you access to one monthly online live seminar with Kerri! Use the form provided when you are logged in to share your thoughts and questions ahead of time as they occur to you. We will consider and integrate your contributions into the content delivered in the monthly webinars. ...your Presence matters!

Along with the monthly seminars, we will also be sharing other resources, Tools, writing and material to support you on your journey of awakening and enlightening into the truest expression of your heart. After all, it is the expression of your heart that generates harmony! 

Please use the resources to empower, support and expand your Self and your world. You doing so is the greatest gift you can be and share in the world.

Community access provides the newest newsletters as they are published and a library of the archives. Don't'll still receive them in your inbox. But now you also have this resource to revisit on your own time. 

In the meantime, enjoy the beauty, the lightness of being and the expansion that is here for you. 

With warm sincerity,