"Kerri works with what is presenting at the time for each person, giving them the tools to get in contact with their own deep intuition and guidance, and to trust their own experience rather than always deferring to experts. All this is done from a place of absolute love and non judgment that I had never truly felt before."  - K.D., Melbourne, Australia


A short message from Kerri: 

"So...what is it? What is that thing that keeps you stuck? Or maybe a bit fuzzy, or just a little too comfortable?

You can feel it, yes? Whatever it is that keeps producing the same kind of outcomes, even with the awareness that you already have. You're ready to move on, right? Ready for something more? A different way to walk in the world with more spaciousness and more freedom? 

This is where it gets really fun. Guiding you through the fears, beyond the repetition so that you can open up to new ways of being, new journeys in your unique lifestream ... I love assisting in this way, with all my heart."


Kerri empowers you through your own awareness to shift old patterns at every level of consciousness - physical, mental and through the heart. 

The result is the opening of the heart, fluid new outcomes in every aspect of life, relationships without conflict, and tools to master your ability to navigate the outside world. 

Her guidance works uniquely for each person to open and allow for relaxation of the mind and the body, letting clarity come forth in all areas of life.

Kerri acknowledges the teacher in each of us, while whole heartedly knowing her worthiness and the gifts she brings to the world.
— K.L., Kapaa, HI

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1-1 Sessions available by phone
Sessions are an hour and include an mp3 recording
Longer sessions available at a pro-rated price
Sessions for communication with animals are also available.

Group Facilitation & Events
Kerri will work with personal and professional groups. Please use the form below to make your request.
Pricing will depend on the request and any travel requirements.

In-Person Appointments
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Kerri is located in Cardiff, CA. 
Travel expenses may apply

Facilitating anyone or any project is about listening without judgment from every level of consciousness. Movement in a direction toward what works is always available.   

Listening in this way generates awareness and actions from a place of pure creation that fully supports long-term success and fruition in all ways.

For individuals:

  • Awakening and awareness
  • Freedom from fear and limitations
  • Fluidity in intimate, loving relationships
  • Expanding your ability to facilitate through all modalities
  • Expansion and ascension through consciousness for optimum health and well-being
  • Communication, activation and regeneration
  • All Species Welcome

For Groups & Organizations:

  • Original communication models for business
  • Guiding the expansion of services of integrity
  • Clearing the way for infallible decisions
  • Generating movement in stagnant business
  • Creating corporate infrastructure
  • Communication with clarity, and much, much more

...and the contribution expands far beyond the project.

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Could you benefit from some gifted awareness and guidance to open up your world?

We begin from the awareness that nothing is broken. It's either effective or it's less effective for where you or your projects are headed. 

In this new paradigm, the way through is guided by questions. Not answers. Ask the questions and be accessible to the obviousness of clarity. Clarity goes way beyond right and wrong. It has a sensation. And you will feel it. There is definitely work to do, but work in this light becomes its own facilitative force.

Even in business, you are a human in relationship with humans. The more willing you are to see with clarity and act with courage, you open tremendous space for every kind of relationship and endeavor to come to its fullest fruition. 

Kerri contributes her gifted awareness, absence of judgment, profound abilities and plethora of pragmatic tools and experiences to guide and assist all of creation into all new expressions of harmony, new definitions of success. 

Facilitation is simply the willingness by any individual to communicate from the purity of truth in the absence of judgment.
— Kerri Lake

Listen without judgment, communicate with clarity and have an awareness of why you do what you do. The Universe can't help but open up and give you all that you require...and quite a bit more.