• Banyandah, Naturally (map)
  • Howlong, NSW
  • Australia

Date, 2016

A 2-Day Immersion

$275 per person

Venue: Encinitas, CA
Hosted by

Kerri developed and mastered very simple tools to bring your mind, your body and your heart into the same conversation. When you are with horses, in the saddle or not, even if you are nowhere near animals, as you integrate these levels of awareness and communication, you will step further into your natural state of being, into your innate communion with all of life.

The tools, awareness and guidance facilitate your ability to manage the information gathered by all of your senses without closing down any aspect of communication. 2-way communication is present at all times. There is a grand difference between the animals and humanity, though - animals do not have the capacity to doubt and question their existence or whether they are "getting it right." That's a uniquely human thing. For a bit more of this understanding, please have a listen to the first audio in the Pure Presence Animal Communication Audio Series. The rest of the Pure Presence Audio Series shares greater detail. 

The changes you receive come with ease and grace, and the shift you encounter is permanent. There is nothing temporary about welcoming in more of your own higher states of consciousness! 


  • Breaking Energy
  • Mind Watch The Body
  • Expansion

We will play games of awareness and communication with the horses and others, as well as with each other. Kerri will share several guided expansions, information and drawings to assist the mental understanding as well - we want the mind to come along as our friend.

You may schedule a one 1-1 session with Kerri as well, in-person while you're at Banyandah, or another time by phone or skype. US$190 per hour session.

Our time together begins Saturday morning at 9:00.  

Kerri offers enough structure to provide you with a clear sense of where you are headed, but only just enough. In the contexts of connection with animals, personal awareness and pragmatic applications, you'll receive tools to open and expand your access to your innate gifts, your capacity to transcend conflict and your communion with all that is. This is your birthright, healthy, whole and complete. 

During the breaks you will be free to walk the land, meditate, communicate and play with the tools and awareness. Much of your group time will be discussion and Q&A - Kerri is very clear about making all of the information, guidance and tools very relevant and pragmatic for YOU in your life. You are unique...that's the whole point! The more you are willing to step into the absence of judgment, you become infinitely more accessible to the gifts that the entire Universe has to offer you.

These discussions can "make it really real" as the group shares questions and insights about how it feels to drop what no longer serves you and welcome in your natural ability to live in connection with all of life.

No experience with horses is required. Those with any level of experience with horses expand their capacity to connect with both horses and people. 

All professions (or non-professions) are welcome. 

No topic or question is too much or too little. The awareness you'll gain here transfers to every relationship.

This event is for YOU. This is your opportunity to open to more of who you truly are, to remember your wholeness and literally watch as it begins to transform your awareness of what this world wants to give you and the way you receive it. This is the fountain of youth, the re-generation of the physical body, the reception of the truth of all that you are - a divine, unique aspect of Creator, creating through the physical form.

Create and share. Watch the outside world shift around you. Welcome in the purity.