• Horse Spirit Ranch (map)
  • 3712 Valle Del Sol
  • Bonsall, CA, 92003
  • United States

$100 to attend Day 1
Email kerri@kerrilake.com To Register

This is a 2 day event. The first day is open to everyone for teaching, discussion and Q&A, and the second will feature three "Pony Rides" with discussion among auditors and the whole group. You'll receive tools and awareness that guide you very directly to expression and communication through your heart. You find grater fluidity and ease in the body, which ripples through all of life. You'll get to ask questions and receive assistance for yourself and animals in your life right where your awareness can best use the help. 

These sessions have been described as "the epitome of hippotherapy for 'normal' people." 

Day 1 is introduction to a new paradigm of tools that go direct to your own innate abilities in consciousness. These tools guide you to direct access in consciousness to restore fluidity and ease in the body, which ripples through all of life. Tools include: 

  • Breaking Energy
  • Mind Watch The Body
  • Dissolve And Restructure Particles Of Consciousness

Appropriate whether you are registered for a session on Day 2, auditing, or if you are interested in accelerating your own journey of clarity and communication. You will receive these tools with guidance to use them pragmatically and effectively. We will play a game in communication with animals to help attune you to the sensory awareness that lets you know you are actually generating permanent changes on your own behalf. 

We will also share a guided expansion, facilitating your capacity to let yourself evolve in new ways without the turmoil of re-living the past. **Day 1 does not involve any riding, although we will be among horses, interacting and communicating throughout the day**

Participants may attend Day 1 only. If you would like to do a session on Day 2, you must also attend Day 1. A weight limit may apply to riders on Day 2 for the benefit of the horses. 

All in all, it's an action-packed day with pragmatic application designed to facilitate and accelerate your integration of perpetually higher states of consciousness. 

Coffee, tea and snacks are provided. Please bring a lunch for yourself. You will have time to enjoy the ambiance of this beautiful facility throughout the day. 

Participants of Day 1 may audit Day 2 or register for a Pony Ride Session. Sessions for this event are limited to three participants to allow for plenty of Q&A and discussion time. If you would like to attend Day 1 and audit Day 2, please simply bring the $35 audit fee with you on Day 1 to register. 

Please register separately for a session on the Products page. A "Pony Ride" session opens and expands body awareness in multi-dimensional ways. Sessions happen one rider at a time in the saddle. A co-facilitator leads the horse at the walk - no riding experience is necessary. This is a unique technique developed to bring your awareness, your essence, your congruency into and through your body with ease, grace and divine expansion. Please email kerri@kerrilake.com if you have other questions.  

All visitors to Horse Spirit Ranch are required to sign a release of liability waiver upon arrival.