I wrote "Listen Like A Horse", my first book, to share a lifetime of awareness in communication with horses, a lifetime of experience and understanding of how human awareness affects perceptions of behavior - not just with animals, but among humans and within one's self.

Learn how to use the communication tools I have developed so you can enhance your communication with people and animals in your life. Also, you will receive the newest clarifications and refinements of these tools, expanding on the information in my book. You'll have the opportunity to join me in live video or participate in text-chat during the class to ask questions and comment, as you wish. You'll receive clarity, understanding, guidance and pragmatic tools to assist you to navigate emotions, judgments and choices with greater ease...all because you are open to communicate with animals! Communication on a sensory level is common to all species.


The mind, the body and you together in the same conversation. This is where the animal kingdom lives every moment of their lives. You can meet them in this consciousness, and they will always support you. This is not about "working" with animals, it is about connection through the heart.

When your priority is sensing your Self in the absence of judgment, you become far more available to be in communication with others.

You'll receive pragmatic tools, awareness and perspectives that guide you through the matrix of thoughts, judgments and emotions. 

Topics we'll discuss:

The Absence Of Judgment

It is this openness of the heart rather than any training or technique that invites communion. Your expression from the heart is what communicates your Presence, the uniqueness of all that you are, and invites the authentic expression of others.

Now more than ever you have the space and freedom to go direct and connect with your higher levels, to call forth your innate expressive Presence of love. Your Presence is a gift! And the Whole is incomplete without you. A friend said to me recently..."Don't leave a hole in the Whole!" 

Your innate ability to communicate with the animal kingdom is a doorway to reconnect and expand the unique, innate gifts of awareness and consciousness that only you can bring to the world. This class will assist in opening those doors for you and guiding you beyond to a self-guided journey of purity in all realms of your life. 

After this class you will begin to see new openings in your world, new awareness and connections. You will have tools to navigate the outside world and become immune to the "emotional weather" of others. You will know your sense of self as a physical, tangible sensation in your body and have tools to reconnect with that sense fluidly in every situation. You will accelerate yourself into exponentially new levels of integration on your own journey of mastery.


Please follow this link and listen to "Why Would I Connect With The Animal Kingdom?" The entire series can be purchased on my website www.kerrilake.com. 


This is the first in a series of six recordings that assist in opening the perspective and sense of communication in sensory realms. Rather than suggest that there is a correct way to communicate, let's explore how much we already do and expand awareness of how much is already here. 

Additional Information

The Animal Kingdom has been a partner with me throughout my whole life, assisting me to know the absence of judgment, to remember what love feels like, remember how embraced I am, remember that I am not alone in love. My journey has been all about dropping the armor and committing totally to integrating as a fully expressed divine being, walking in mastery of love. I'd like to share these gifts with you, share the awareness and tools that have supported me on my journey to integrate my unique higher levels of divinity into and through my very pragmatic, physical world. 

Competition and conflict are outdated as we evolve in consciousness beyond a species driven by survival. Just being aware that you opened your sensory awareness is all it takes to interact at a level of Presence.

If you'd like more reading and information about me, please visit my website, www.kerrilake.com.

Please bring your questions, by chat or connect through video during the session. The purpose of this class is not to create an illusion that there is a "correct" way to communicate. It is to provide you with tools and guidance to expand upon what you already know, all that you already are to ascend as far and as fast as you are willing in a way that totally complements your life. All are welcome.

This class and future classes are also appropriate for other facilitators - let's all expand our abilities to assist!