The Simplicity Of Healing & Regeneration

Through Integrating Your Divine Essence

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Tools for An Awakening World

All healing modalities are pointing to and assisting the same thing - the full embodiment of YOU, healthy, whole and complete. 

Historically humanity has spent years mastering a modality or studying under a guru to reach states of integration and enlightenment. Today though, Humanity has access to a new way of being and becoming, a simplicity that bypasses ritual and obligation. I know because I've lived it - I have regenerated my body, my mental functioning and my outside world by using the Tools I'd love to share with you in this event.

Humanity is at a new level of consciousness now, a different level of awareness and access to the divine than has ever before been possible. These new levels of consciousness are accessed through your sensory realms. The more adept you are in your awareness and clarity of your senses, you invite the wholeness that is your birthright to express itself right through you. Once you begin to feel, you find a whole new relationship and engagement with all of Creation. 

The Presence of harmony already exists through all of nature, and you are a part of it. 

Learn three Tools For An Awakened World to empower yourself to perpetually greater states of clarity and awareness. As you do, watch your whole world start and continue to regenerate to support and complement you the whole way. 

Three Tools To Empower You To Guide Yourself

  • Mind, Watch The Body
  • Breaking Energy
  • Expansion

Why Tools? 

Why this? Why Now? 

Tools For An Awakening World is not a modality or a system. It is a resource that continues to evolve with you. Your willingness to integrate these tools gives you far more than a structure, modality or system. With these tools you claim and integrate your innate access to your unique higher levels of consciousness. 

Welcoming these Tools into your consciousness activates a different way to organize your relationships and your thinking. It is a different way to relate to information, both sensory and linear information.

You feel a sense of harmony. Finding your personal navigation in the physical realm through sensory awareness, you begin to know the innate harmonic sense that moves through the natural world. It is your natural state of being.

Humanity has an unprecedented opportunity at this time in all of history. Teachings for thousands of years have guided the spiritual growth and expansion of Humanity. For these same thousands of years, individuals in groups both small and large have listened to the teachings, taken them to heart and have assisted to steer the consciousness of Humanity back toward a living, breathing connection with all of life.

For thousands of years we have been dancing in an experiment to see whether Humanity, given free will to either create or destroy would move toward Creation or Self-destruction. Previously, Humanity took the experiment to destructive conclusions...several times. This time in all of history is unprecedented, ripe with new opportunities for new outcomes because this time...

...humanity is moving toward love.