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Why do you do what you do? 

In an economic system, people are taught to consider things valuable if the system can measure and quantify that value with dollars or goods. Then, the system suggests that your value is a measure of those things.

In a new paradigm of consciousness, value has a very different essence.  

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Why do YOU do what you do? 

Spirituality has been teaching for thousands of years to take one's focus away from the outside world and toward something else. Sometimes its "inner focus". Sometimes it's "God". Sometimes it's "self-love." My question is...why

Why make that shift? 

Of course, there is the obviousness that the current systems, functioning without any amendments, would drive humanity into the ground. Again. Current systems value quantity, power and strength. What if there's nothing wrong with that? What if there's nothing wrong with what has been, and now it's simply time to graduate into what's next? What sense of value guides this new movement? 

Why do you do what you do? 

...this is such a fun discussion! And by simply going into this, by opening this up in our awareness, throughout all of consciousness, we assist to raise the collective vibration of all of humanity. Your courage to know what you actually think, what you actually feel creates truly new space for yourself and everyone you touch to flourish in a new paradigm of harmony. 

This meetup will engage discussion for sure (which is totally fun!), and I will share a guided expansion for you to be more aware of your own clarity, your unique tone of divinity. As you expand, there is no going back. I don't play with temporary...once a heart awakens, it can not un-know itself. 

Let's dance! 

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See you soon! And thanks for sharing your awesomeness!