• Fruita, CO
  • USA

April 15-17, 2016
in Fruita, CO

Email ardatz@acsol.com to register
Cost: $375

This is an integrative 3-day event to share tools of consciousness, awareness and direct divine connection. Everyone is communicating with animals at all times. The beauty is in the courage and clarity to know what is actually being communicated. 

Many people feel various flavors of fear in both their expression and their listening. This event is to empower you to know the absence of doubt and the absence of judgment as a tangible, pragmatic sense. 

There will be just enough structure to the event to help participants know where they are headed and how to apply what they are receiving...but the structure will be minimal. The highest priority is empowering you to know your own guidance, to know your own senses and to know how supported you are in living in the physical world in harmony with your higher levels of knowing, your higher levels of consciousness. 

Meet Jack!

Meet Jack!


Email Andrea to register:

Cost to attend: $375
Payments made after March 30 are non-refundable 


Kerri developed and mastered very simple tools to bring your mind, your body and your heart into the same conversation. When you are with horses, in the saddle or not, whether you are nowhere near animals, as you integrate these levels of awareness and communication, you will step further into your natural state of being, into your innate communion with all of life.

The changes you call forth come with ease and grace, and the shift you encounter is permanent. There is nothing temporary about welcoming in more of your own higher states of consciousness! 

Tools include: 

  • Breaking Energy
  • Mind Watch The Body
  • Dissolve And Restructure Particles Of Consciousness

We will play games of communication with the horses and others, as well as with each other! Kerri will share several guided expansions, information and drawings to assist the mental understanding as well - we want the mind to come along as our friend.

Private Sessions

Private 1-1 sessions with Kerri will also be available after the event. Please email kerri directly, kerri@kerrilake.com to inquire and schedule your time. Sessions can be for your own expansion, in the saddle or not, for communication with animals in your life, for integration of both, to enhance your own ability as a facilitator and much more. Please email with your questions! Fee for a 1-hour session with an mp3 recording: $155. 

The natural movement of a horse's walk assists to integrate new changes through the physical nervous system as well as through various dimensions of consciousness. There is a profound gentleness when your body is full supported, in motion and partnership with another living being who is there with heart wide open. 

This event is generously hosted by Andrea Datz, who shares beautiful and amazing gifts of awareness among horses as well. I'm honored to be invited to dance with her! You can learn more about Andrea on her Facebook page

If you have questions about the venue, the horses, or to register, please email ardatz@acsol.com.