• Horse Spirit Ranch (map)
  • 3712 Valle Del Sol
  • Bonsall, CA
  • USA

$150 per session
Only 3 sessions available this day
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"Pony Rides" have been described as the epitome of hippotherapy for 'normal' people

"I am fortunate to have experienced two "pony ride" sessions with Kerri Lake. The first was profound with the discovery and subsequent release of subtle tensions in my hips and pelvis. The second, 8 months later, went even deeper, opening pathways further for even more release. If you wish to ride without brace, in perfect alignment, I cant think of a better or more enjoyable way of "being" there." - Jane Reid, owner and steward at Banyandah

A session offers the invaluable opportunity to apply the tools shared on Day 1 while actually riding at the walk on a wonderful horse. Each session has a co-facilitator who handles the horse for you -  your part is to open your awareness and feel your own body, sense your own consciousness. 

Horses share a presence that is absent of judgment. Because we are operating so gently, asking nothing more of the horse that a short walk around the round-pen led by another loving human, there is no resistance to any shifts and changes you call forth in your own body. 

To schedule a Pony Ride session, you must also attend Day 1 for perspective and preparation. A weight limit may apply to riders in sessions to benefit the horses. 

The natural movement of a horse's walk assists to integrate new changes through the physical nervous system as well as through various dimensions of consciousness. There is a profound gentleness when your body is full supported, in motion and partnership with another living being who is there with heart wide open. 

Above is an example of "Pony Rides" before they were called Pony Rides. Danielle is not a "horsey person" - she wanted to move through an awareness that she was not letting herself flourish.